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 Temple of Gilean

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PostSubject: Temple of Gilean   Sat Oct 08, 2011 3:59 pm

Gilean (Greater Diety)
The Book
Symbol: An open book
Color: Gray
Celestial Symbol: The constellation Book of Souls
Alignment: Neutral
Porfolio: Balance, knowledge, learning, freedom, watchfulness
Worshipers: Scribes, historians, teachers
Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, N, NE, NG
Domains: Knowledge, Liberation*, Protection
Favored Weapon: Quater Staff ("The SageStaff,")
Preferred Vestments: Hooded grey robe, silver medallion of faith

Seek knowledge, for knowledge will not see you. Be calm and deliberate, and share all the knowledge you come across. Knowledge transcends good and evil, so do not be a slave to Darkness of beholden to Light. Do not judge, and to nose use knowledge to sway others to any side, for knowledge knows no choice or dictum. Emotion clouds learning. Strive to be evenhanded. Know that turth is elusive and belief is transitory, but knowledge is eternal and everlasting. Above all, knowledge is a pursuit without ending. Record knowledge while you are able. Ignorance is the greatest enemy.

Gilean, also known as the Book, the Sage, and the Gray Voyager, represents the godly force of knowledge. He supports the growth of the soul through attaining knowledge and experience. He is the holder of the Tobril, which contains the divine plan of the High God for the world. He is the patron of sages, librarians, and scholars. He is the leader of the Gods of Balance. He supports free will and individual choice for all individuals of Krynn. He is one of the first gods to be called out of the Beyond and is on equal power with Takhisis and Paladine. A legend of him states that the High God commanded Gilean to ensure his own existence by raising the soul of a mortal scholar who would one day become him, in an ontological paradox of sorts. That scholar is most likely Astinus, who watches over the Great Library of Palanthas and scribes all history as it happens until the Chaos War. Gilean is a mediator between the Gods of Good and Evil, siding against the faction that threatens the Balance. All of the Gods of Neutrality look to him for help and advice, and the Gods of Light often do the same in hopes he will side with them. The Gods of Evil manipulate situations to present Gilean with a case where he can only side with them, such as in the Chaos War where Takhisis forces Gilean to side with her Dark Knights, as they are the only chance that mortals can stand against Chaos. His celestial symbol is the constellation Book of Souls.
Guardian of the Tobril, he ever so diligently seeks to keep the balance between Good and Evil. His influence is simply that of knowledge, and bears the color of Gray. In avatar form he may appear as a scholar that is intent upon a certain subject, and forgetful of anything else, and will generally test the perception of those he encounters.
Gilean works hard to keep the balance between good and evil by either giving information to one side or the other, or briefly allies with the less powerful side. His goal is to recruit as many followers to aid in the restoration of Krynn and to help insure the balance is kept.
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Temple of Gilean
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