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 Temple of Shinare

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PostSubject: Temple of Shinare   Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:02 pm

Shinare (Intermediate Diety)
Winged Victory
Symbol: Griffins Wing
Colors: Gold, silver, and brown
Celestial Symbol: The planet Shinare
Alignment: Lawful netural
Portfolio: Wealth, commerce, travel
Worshipers: Merchants, traders, dwarves
Cleric Alignments: LN, N
Domains: Law, Luck, Travel
Favored Weapon: Light mace ("Jeweled Delight")
Preferred Vestments: Fine robes, jewerly, and gold

Industry and commerce is the way to riches. Work hard and you will be rewarded with wealth. Greed will destroy what you have worked to gain. Poverty is lack of effort. Never tolerate laziness or ignorance. The clever and the industrious find opportunity and fortune in the world. Lead others in enterprise and safeguard transactions. Be fair and honest in your buisness, for deception is the road to ruin-yet do not shy form competition, for it is the well-spring of all fortune.
Shinare, also known as Winged Victory, the Silver Mistress, and Walking Liberty, represents the godly force of interaction. Those who follow Shinare grow by communicating with other people. She oversees all oaths, negotiations, and partnerships. She promotes the advancement of the world through enterprise. She patrons merchants, without regard to motivation so long as business is done fairly. With that principle in mind, she does not condemn slavery or mercenary activity. Things like theft and cheating, however, she opposes as they impair the principles of interaction. She secretly influenced the development of steel as the principle currency of Ansalon, and has recently become a major influence in the nation of Solamnia. Shinare is partnered with Sirrion, whom she sometimes clashes with because of his chaotic tendencies. She works with Reorx as well, but has only basic, polite relationships with the other Gods of Neutrality. She is closest to Kiri-Jolith and Majere among the Gods of Light because of her belief in honesty and truth, and directly opposes Hiddukel among the Gods of Evil because of his lies and cheating. Her celestial symbol is the planet Shinare.
Goddess of wealth, industry, and commerce, and is loyal to anyone that is productive. She is against and shuns all that are lazy. Her colors are Gold, Silver, and Brown, and usually appears in two avatar forms. One form she is a rich merchant woman, wearing only the finest clothing and jewelry. To the Dwarves she appears as a merchant male, only because minor concerns such as gender should not interfere with progress.
Her greatest enemy is Hiddukel, God of corrupt business. Her major concerns are the rebuilding of war-torn Krynn. She believes that to restoration will occur faster through industry and progress

Other names: Balance of the Scales (Mithas), Silver Master (Thorbardin), Silver Mistress, Walking Liberty (Ergoth), Winged One (elves), Winged Victory.
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Temple of Shinare
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