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 Temple of Reorx

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PostSubject: Temple of Reorx   Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:01 pm

Reorx (Greater Diety)
The Forge
Symbol: Forging hammer
Colors: Slate gray and red
Celestial Symbol: The planet Reorx
Alignment: Neutral
Protfolio: Creation, gambling, atrisans, engineering
Worshipers: Dwarves, gnomes
Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, N, NE, NG
Domains: Earth, Fire, Forge*
Favored Weapon: Warhammer ("Reorx's Strength")
Preferred Vestments: Slate grat tabard, suitable for use at the forge, or red robes (formal)

There is beauty in creation. Nothing in life is better than crafting something lasting, and the process is as important as the finished item is. Never be idle when you can be working. Rituals and tried-and-true formulas are well and good, but innovation is vitally important. In all things, strive to master your skill, honor your peers, and enjoy the results of your work.

Reorx, also known as the Forge, the World Smith, and Tamer of Chaos, represents the godly force of creation. He desires for souls to grow through crafting and gaining skill. He is the patron of dwarves and gnomes, but also of all craftsmen. He is also followed by gamblers and rogues because they rely on their own talents to change the course of an event. He respects and encourages the power of mortals to shape, build, and produce. Reorx often takes the mortal form of a handsomely dressed dwarf named Dougan Redhammer. Reorx, at the behest of the High God, created the world of Krynn from the raw energies of Chaos. He unknowingly encases Chaos into the Graygem when he sought a bit of the essence of the higher deity to anchor the balance in the world. He is a much loved deity; he works with Shinare and Gilean, and is respected by Sargonnas and Kiri-Jolith for his power of smithing mighty weapons. Zeboim is known to go to Reorx to better understand the workings of ships and the like, so that she can better destroy them. The dwarves hold that Reorx created them as his chosen; however, Reorx creates the gnomes instead when a chosen group of men fall from his grace. The dwarves and the kender are created when the energies of Chaos morph a group of gnomes into the two races. His celestial symbol is the red star Reorx.
Having forged the world, and founder of the Dwarves, he influences weapons, mining, technology, and of course smithing. His colors are Slate Gray and Red. He takes avatar form of a Dwarf and has been seen as many other races. His most distinguishing feature is the symbol of a hammer. He is perceived in many ways by different races.
During the dawn of time he forged the world, and formed the stars from the sparks of his hammer. His greatest creation was the Greygem that he forged for the three gods of magic.

Other names: Anvil (Elian), Forge, The Weaponmaster (Mithas), World Smith, Sammakax (Irda), Tamer of Chaos.
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Temple of Reorx
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