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 Temple of Hiddukel

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PostSubject: Temple of Hiddukel   Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:09 pm

Hiddukel (Intermediate Deity)
Prince of Lies
Home Plane: The Abyss
Symbol: Broken Merchant Scales
Colors: Red and Bone
Celestial Symbol: The Constellation "Broken Scale"
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Wealth, Thieves, Lies
Worshipers: Dishonest Merchants, Thieves
Domains: Evil, Treachery, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Dagger ("Vengeance Sting")
Preferred Vestments: Robes made of fine Red silk with bone color in the sleeves.

Greed is the driving force in the world. Those who deny that they love money are lying. Nothing in the world is as important as wealth. Acquire riches, no matter who or what stands in your way. Lies give the truth meaning. Discover someone's deepest desire and you will find the key to his soul.

Hiddukel, also known as the Prince of Lies, the Betrayer, and the Broken Scales, represents the godly force of exploitation. He influences souls to use every encounter with another person to their advantage. He captures souls who are desiring or despairing to use the misfortune of others to their profit. He is ultimately selfish and cares for no one but himself, and passes that attitude on to his mortal followers. Hiddukel constantly attempts to make deals with the other gods, and his lies lead mortals to carry out evil in the world. He can call upon nearly all of the Gods of Evil for aid because of his dealing with them and his ability to divert their attention from him if they begin to suspect him. All of the Gods of Neutrality - especially Shinare, because of her promoting of fairness and honesty - oppose him. Reorx as well dislikes him because Hiddukel tricked him into forging the Graygem. Majere and Branchala among the Gods of Good are his enemies, as the powers of discipline and positive interaction respectively. His celestial symbol is the constellation Broken Scale.
God of corrupt business, and influences spirits that are damned, slavery, greed and betrayal. He trade souls to anyone that can afford his prices. His colors are Red and Bone White, and will take the avatar form of an obese man that will avoid physical combat. He heavily rely on his spells and monster bodyguards.
Hiddukel deals in souls of all races and will barter generally for a material object. He uses ill-gotten wealth and treasures to corrupt anyone who desires to become wealthy. Those that make a bargain with him usually end up losing their lives. He hates Shinare above all, and offers his worshipers great treasure for the desecration of her temples and shrines. Not being the fighting type, he fears Reorx and avoids angering him.
It is rumored that he could come out on top if he was to make her a deal, and the Greygem resulted as one of his deals.

Other names: Prince of Lies, Betrayer (Mithas), Usk-Do (Hobgoblin), Hitax the Flaw (Thorbardin), M'Fistos (Istar), Hith (Thenol), Broken Scales, Lord of Demons..
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Temple of Hiddukel
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