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 Temple of Sirrion

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PostSubject: Temple of Sirrion   Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:03 pm

Sirrion (Intermediate Diety)
Flowing Flame
Symbol: Multicolored fire
Colors: Bright Reds and Yellows
Celestial Symbol: The planet Sirrion
Alignment: Chaoetic Neutral
Portfolio: Fire, strength, sun
Worshipers: Alchmeists, lovers, fighters
Clerig Alignments: CE, CG, CN
Domains: Chaos, Fire, Passion*
Favored Weapon: Heavy Flail ("Flaming Strike,")
Preferred Vestments: Flowing red and yellow robes, with gold and copper flame symbol

Fire is life, fire is death. Fire is honest. Fire does not discriminate. Fire is the instrument of change. Fire is a useful and extraordinary tool. Rmove the fear of fire from the people and teach them all the good things that fire can do for them. Harness the flame to bring light and warmth into the world. Never allow a fire to rage out of control, for all flame that burns should have a purpose. Seek the fire in others and in yourself.

Sirrion, also known as the Flowing Flame, the Alchemist, and the Firemaster, represents the godly force of transformation [disambiguation needed]. He promotes the soul to give in to passion and creativity to grow and change. He represents fire, because it is the element that brings change and growth, and it represents the creativity of artists and alchemists. Sirrion is chaotic, but does not condone random destruction; instead, change should produce something new. He is the patron of art and alchemy. Legend holds that he created his partner Shinare from grand metals, and that he gave fire to Reorx for the creation of the world. In truth, his responsibility was equal to the other gods. He is the companion of Shinare, although being her complete opposite; however, his passion with her progressive spirit can create much in the world. Sirrion works with Reorx and Chislev, but does not often work with Zivilyn or Gilean. Sirrion is close to Branchala and Habbakuk among the Gods of Light, and opposes Sargonnas among the Gods of Evil, for Sargonnas directs flame into the spirit of wrath and revenge. His celestial symbol is the planet Sirrion.
God of Fire, he controls every flame from the smallest candle to the sun. His colors are any bright Red or Yellow. When he has to take avatar form, he usually looks like a tall man with flames as hair, beard, and eyebrows. He will carry a two-handed flame tongue sword that no mortal can touch. If mortal should ever lay hand on it they receive double damage until he/she either dies or drops the sword.
His companion and consort is Shinare, and often compete with the recruit of followers. He desperately tries to make fire as beautiful as he can

Other names: The Alchemist, Firemaster, the Flowing Flame, the Wizard (Mithas), Sirr'ushush (Bakali), Sinar (Imperial League).
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Temple of Sirrion
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