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 Temple of Chislev

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PostSubject: Temple of Chislev   Sat Oct 08, 2011 3:58 pm

Chislev (Intermediate Diety)
The Beast
Symbol: A feather of brown, yello, and green
Colors: Brown, yellow, and green
Celestial Symbol: The planet Chislev
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Nature, wilderness, beasts
Worshipers: Druids, farmers
Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, N, NE, NG
Domains: Air, Animal, Earth, Plant
Favored Weapon: Shortspear ("Green Protector,")
Preferred Vestments: Brown robes, green hood and leggings, wooden medallion of faith

Nature has no beginning and no end. The balance of nature must be maintained at all costs. Nature should be protected and nurtured, not enslaved or despoiled. There is a place for technology and new developments, but thse should always be second to the true gift that nature is.

Chislev, also known as the Beast, Wild One, and World Mother, represents the godly force of instinct. She believes the soul grows by releasing thought and instinct, and giving in to primal urges. She is the power of the natural world and all things wild. She is at one with Krynn, and extends her wrath to those that abuse the earth. Chislev is wracked with pain and suffering during times of war, and works in the current world to heal the wounds done to it. She is the partner of Zivilyn, and maintains friendship with Sirrion. She conflicts with Shinare and Reorx. Gilean grants Chislev knowledge but he is at times overly intelligent for her. Chislev is regarded among all the Gods of Good, and opposes Morgion among the Gods of Evil in particular. Her celestial symbol is the planet Chislev
Worshiped by all animals and plants, she is the Mother of Nature. She influences nature, wilds, and beasts., and favors the colors of Brown,Yellow and Green. Her choice of avatar form are that of a beautiful human or elven woman with glowing golden hair,and clothes made of living plants. Her only weapon is a living wooden staff. She will appear as a Unicorn when she wishes not to speak to anyone.
Her main goal is to restore the land of Krynn, for she feels each and every wound upon the face of Krynn. Legend states that seasons change according to the moods in her heart.

Other names: Askyren (Kyrie), The Beast, Chisel Wilder (Arktos), Kisla the Mother of Sea Creatures (Sea Elves), Kradock (Highlanders), Krik'k lettz (Bakali), Wild One (Mithas), Winged Mother (Kyrie), World Mother.
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Temple of Chislev
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