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 Personal Item Requests

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ADM Clotho
ADM Clotho

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PostSubject: Personal Item Requests   Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:11 pm

Personal Item Requests


With DLOK's current craft system it is possible for a player to personalize many of their items with little effort to make them something unique. However there are times when a player seeks to something beyond this system in the course of their Role Play.

This is -NOT- a place to request super items or items that are covered in shops. It is -NOT- A place to request items of power at all. This is a place where a player can however, make the following request: To change the name/description on an existing item they own, that can not be changed in the crafting system. Or to create a special (non-magical item) to represent an Role Play item of some importance to their character.

Bob the fighter owns a ring he purchased in Neraka. But for the purposes of RP he wants to say the ring belonged at one time to his mother. His player can then post here with his request to change the name/description on the ring.


Steve the mage carries a stuffed teddy bear with him at all times because he is scared of the dark. However there is no stuffed teddy-bear item for sale in the shops. His player can then post here with his request to have this RP item created for the character.

I will review these and get them handed out as I see folks, or send PM's with Questions should such arise.

Please Post in the following format -

Login Name:
Character Name:
Roleplay Background of the Item:
Request (Item Name/Appearance/Description):
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Personal Item Requests
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