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 Personal Quest, Requests

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ADM Clotho
ADM Clotho

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PostSubject: Personal Quest, Requests    Tue Aug 14, 2012 11:35 pm

While we try to create stories for everyone and learn about the characters here in DLOK, sometimes we as the staff simply do not know what goals a character might have. Or perhaps you want to have something impact your character's life (Loss of limb, challenge of a rival, etc)

This is a place for that.

Understand that you as a player will be responsible for role-playing this story as it plays out, so you should be prepared with at least some basic information that we of the staff can use to make the story personal.

Note that goals should be in line with the Server setting, Dragonlance theme, and not be used to abuse other players or characters.

Character Name:
Backstory of Goal:

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Personal Quest, Requests
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