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 Custom Character Crafting and Item Creation

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PostSubject: Custom Character Crafting and Item Creation   Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:24 pm

We will now be using a new system of crafting, the former crafting system has been removed in favor of this newest version. I ask that players use this according to their roleplay and background, and ask that the players please do not exploit this system with features they would not have.

Examples should be obvious but just in case, no one should have wings, tails, flaming eyes and etc etc. Not unless there are special circumstances or a staff approved roleplay and story for the background. Other than that, have fun with it and enjoy!

- modify and dye your armor without being charged or making skill checks,
- modify and dye your cloak, make cloaks invisible,
- modify and dye your helm,
- modify and dye your weapon without being charged or making skill checks,
- modify your shield,
- choose a different portrait for your character (both official and custom portraits can be used),
- choose a different head for your character,
- choose a different phenotype,
- change your character's body (add/remove tattoos, add/remove bone arm, ...)
- add a new tail to your character or remove an existing one,
- add new wings to your character or remove existing ones,
- add a glowing eyes effect to your character's head,
- change skin, hair or tattoo color,
- rename items,
- edit descriptions (items, character).

There are four or five slots in which you can also save an apperance or description of your character/items. Simply read the instructions in place when crafting.

The standard NWN system is also in place for those who want to create their own items and gear. Most General Stores will sell the items needed, certain other materials can also be found in various places.

Item Creation Feats (Potions, Scrolls, Wands) can now be used to create items with up to the ninth level of casting. I ask that if you choose to create these items, to please use good judgement and RP sense when selling or handing out these items. IE A Wizard of High Sorcery would not allow items of significant power to be available to the general population etc etc and so on and so forth.
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Custom Character Crafting and Item Creation
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