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 Temple of Zeboim

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PostSubject: Temple of Zeboim   Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:12 pm

Zeboim (Intermediate Deity)
Darkling Sea
Home Plane: The Abyss
Symbol: Turtle Shell Pattern
Colors: Green and Red
Celestial Symbol: The Constellation "Dragon Turtle"
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Sea, Storms, Envy
Worshipers: Sailors, Pirates, Evil Druids
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Storm, Water
Favored Weapon: Trident ("Triad")
Preferred Vestments: Easy to discard robes with sea motif emblazoned on them

People respect and fear fury. No sailor is safe unless the Sea Queen wills it, therefore worship her and offer her many gifts. Eventually, the sea will consume all, and all lands will drown under the power of Zeboim. Adore her or be lost to the storm.

Zeboim, also known as the Sea Witch, the Darkling Sea, and the Dragon Turtle, represents the godly force of strife. She encourages souls to give into its urges and release anger. She is the unpredictable and embodies storm and raging sea, which is the element she commands over. Her attitude constantly changes, going from calm to raging in a minute. She wants souls to continually cause anguish and anger, so that they remain active and vital, instead of becoming predictable and stagnant. Sailors and mariners try to calm her during voyages so that she does not make trouble for their vessel. Zeboim is the daughter of Takhisis and Sargonnas. She dislikes her mother and father, along with Chemosh, though she works with both her parents on occasion. She ignores Morgion and Nuitari and works with Hiddukel well. She hates or works against the Gods of Neutrality and has a special dislike for Habbakuk, who she sees as her true foe because of his power of the sea. Her celestial symbol is the constellation Dragon Turtle.
Goddess of all mariners, she influences sea, weather, and the undead races of the sea. Her colors are Green and Red, and assumes the form of a giant sea turtle with the face of a human female
As unpredictable as the sea, she has no intention of going against the wishes of her Queen and mother. She does however think that her father, Sargonnas, is unworthy of her mothers attention. Her goal is to conquer the seas, but Habbakuk ensures her ultimate victory and lives to ensure that her goal is forever out of her reach. She will scheme and plot to remove him from her sea, thus they are constantly at war.

Other names: Baizia the Fierce (Khur), Darkling Sea, Rann (Ergoth), Zyr (Tarsis), Zebyr Jotun (Abanasinian Plainsmen, Icewall), Maelstrom (Mithas), Sea Witch, Dragon Turtle, Zura (Sea Elves)
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Temple of Zeboim
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