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 Temple of Habbakuk

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PostSubject: Temple of Habbakuk   Sat Oct 08, 2011 3:51 pm

Habbakuk (Intermediate Diety)
Fisher King
Symbol: Blue phoenix
Colors: Deep blue and white
Celestial Symbol: The constellation Blue Phoenix
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Animals, water, passion
Worshipers: Rangers, sailors, druids, farmers
Cleric Alignments: CG, LG, NG
Domains: Animal, Good, Water
Favored Weapon: Scimitar ("Kingfishers Helm")
Preferred Vestments: Hoodless robes of light blue with a hooded stole of deep blue, silver medallion of faith

Live in harmony with nature, respect all the living things. Treat animals well, for they are a gift of the deities to the world. Those who live in harmony nature are close to the gods. Those who despoil land are the enemy. Always be prepared to fight to protect the land and its creatures in your care.

Habbakuk, also known as The Fisher King, Skylord, and the Blue Phoenix, represents the godly power of persistence. He believes in the perseverance of the soul and its opposition to adversity for the greater goal. Habbakuk's interests are generally directed at animals of all kinds. He is the patron of rangers, hunters, and the natural cycle of life and death, abhorring things like undead. He also represents loyalty and obedience to the whole. He promotes persistence of truths that promote good. He has a strong presence in the world through patronage of good druids and rangers. Sailors and explorers also honor him. In times of war and crisis he directs his efforts towards the renewal of life. His closest ally is Branchala and is also close with Mishakal, Paladine, and Kiri-Jolith. He is closest to Chislev and Sirrion among the Gods of Neutrality for their roles in nature. He opposes Chemosh and Zeboim for their interference in the cycle of life. His celestial symbol is the constellation Phoenix.
Younger of the two twins of Paladine, he influences passion, sea, creation, and life itself. He bears the colors of Navy Blue, and White. Like his brother, he over looks those that are Knights of the Crown. His most common avatar form is that of a giant blue dolphin. he has many others but is typically mostly all blue.
Living for the moment, he can be very unpredictable. His main goal is to heal the land and those that are suffering, but is currently trying to heal the lands of Silvanesti.

On the continent of Taladas, Habbakuk is little known other than to the Silvanaes and some in the League. Most view Branchala as an aspect of Habbakuk.

Habbakuk's Clerics pray for spells from him at sunrise.

Other Information
Other names: Blindel the Dolphin Lord (Baltch), Blue Phoenix (Ergoth, Qualinesti, Silvanesti), Eshanre (Irda), Fisher King, Han-Yagas (Minotaur League), Lord of Mariners, Skylord (Balifor, Goodlund), Abbuku the Fisher (Sea Elves), Sea Lord (Mithas, Dargonesti, Silvanaes, Armach).
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Temple of Habbakuk
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