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 Current List of Active Staff

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Current List of Active Staff Empty
PostSubject: Current List of Active Staff   Current List of Active Staff Icon_minitimeThu Aug 05, 2010 5:35 pm

Admin Fixing things with a big hammer and an iron fist!  Also beats up the HDM's when bored.
DM Name: ADM Clotho
Login: Dontella_Kell
Email: Dontella@hotmail.com

Head DM's Help maintain the server and konk sense into the DM's as needed.
DM Name: HDM Grim
Login: Davenutninja408
Email: davenutninja@gmail.com

DM Name: HDM Convoy
Login: -Rooster-
Email: DMConvoy@gmail.com

DM's Stories for All!
DM Name: DM Raziel
Login: Evendithus
Email: justicon@hotmail.com

Staff Rules

These are the rules that all DM's of DLOK agree to, and promise to uphold.  Failure to do so will result in warnings and may lead to a removal from staff.

This is posted so that all players know what to expect from the DM staff.

*Each of the Official Guilds will have a DM responsible for overseeing that area.  These guilds are:
Tower of High Sorcery  (Clotho)
Knights of Solamnia  (Convoy)
Dragon Armies  (Grim)

Other DM's can run minor events for these Guilds, but the overseeing DM has final say for all changes and PC promotions.

*DM's will be required to spend 1/3 of their playtime on the DM client, running events for the players.

*DM's will be required to game with ALL players, regardless of personal likes or play-styles.

*DM's will NOT give themselves gear, items, levels, gold or other rewards.

*DM's will record notes for all of the events they run.

*DM's will NOT steal other staff story-lines, only assist upon invitation.

*DM's will NOT dues-ex-machina RP.  PC's are the stars, not NPC's.

*DM's will provide Screenshots of any rule judgements rendered in game, for ADM review.

*DM's will NOT rule on judgements in game, unless they are on the DM Client.  If logged in as a player, they behave as a player and do not have authority.

*DM's will speak to players respectfully both in game and on the forums.

*DM's will have two forum accounts.  One for official Staff Posting, and one for their Player Posting.
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Current List of Active Staff
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