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 Current Timeline and Recent Events

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PostSubject: Current Timeline and Recent Events   Current Timeline and Recent Events Icon_minitimeThu Aug 05, 2010 6:13 pm

For those Veteran players of the server Dragonlance Chronicles Online, they are fully aware of the server, and the events involved. For those new players, and those players not familiar with Dragonlance game setting, here is the information you may find useful.

In the Year 351 A.C., the heros of the lance that you may know from the novels did meet in Solace, and set forth on their adventure. This is where the timeline of our server veers off into the alternate reality.

The heroes of the Lance went to the Ruins of Xak Tsaroth. What they encountered there still remains an unspeakable horror. Some of them never left, others fled in fear, to injured to be of any use. The rest, disappeared all together. No traces of them anywhere.

The world continued to spiral, descending into chaos.

351 A.C. - 359 A.C.
The Discs of Mishakal were indeed found and the healing powers of the Goddess returned to the world. It was rumored that they were hidden in the Temple of Mishakal in Coastlund. Some years later, either by a fallen cleric or even by subterfuge and a thought friend, they were stolen. The healing powers remain but at what cost? Who has them now and how will they wield this great power?

Ancient relics have been discovered. Fabled lances of old have made a subtle appearance in the world. There are two that's whereabouts are unknown. One was hidden with the Discs that were stolen. Was it stolen along with it or was it taken away when the High Cleric left the material plane. The second being held at the High Clerist Tower south of the great city Palanthus. Upon the death of the Grandmaster's husband, she slipped into a deep depression, stripping away all out markings of the knighthood, she left the tower, taking it with her. She now walks the land in secret, perhaps under an assumed identity.

Along with the Grandmaster's disappearance there have been several other ranked figures gone missing. The Night Mistress of the Church of Takhisis and her most beloved cleric have vanished after her son, a squire in the Knights of Solamnia, slew his father.. the Commander of the Dragaon Armies Black Wing. Their are few mages of the Tower of High sorcery remaining, and even fewer among their Conclave of Archmages. Other knights holding some authority in Solamnia have gone awall, the Army itself battling within, the old knights and the new, in disagreement of the old oaths.

There are talks of an abandoned tower in the region of Goodlund. During the attempted attack on Goodbay by the Dragon Armies Red Wing Highmaster, the Green Wing Commander aided her, leaving his post in Kortal Keep. The minotaur nation moved in, taking it for its own along with tower and into Kendermoore. The halfling community is veritably abandoned and those left are treated as slaves.

Qualinost is still being repressed but has fortified its borders with archers and rangers. Silvanost remains in the grip of the nightmare, however it has worsened and now runs rampant without control.

In Northeast Palanthas lay the cursed tower. Its charred blackened gates remain closed. It has been said that a dark robed figure entered the tower and the ominous feel surrounding the area has slightly lessened. It was rumored by those who practiced the art that the tower was sealed, but none can say for certain.

With the death of the Grey robed master, the tower of renegade mages fell into dissaray. They spread chaos across the land and used their unstructured art against the Tower of High Sorcery and all in their way. The Orders of High Sorcery unified and developed a band of renegade hunters. The identities of those within its ranks were kept secret. In a final titanic battle the Order of High Sorcery laid waste to the Grey robes and cast their tower into oblivion. Those renegades that survived fled into hiding.

The council at the Whitestone came to be but old animosities and prejudices stood in the way of unity. No compromise was reached and all races fell back into their suspicions of one another. The force of light that the people hoped to free them fell to destruction before the foundation had even been laid.

With the disappearance of the Grandmaster and other ranking knights, the knights of Solamnia fell into disarray. Young, headstrong knights quarreled with the older stubborn knights over the meaning of the oath and measure. Some younger knights call for a change to the measure while the older call for steadfast allegiance to its words. This has caused faction to emerge within the ranks, petty squabbles have once again led to the people having no faith in the order. However, though dissent lie within the ranks, the last bastion of the High Clerist Tower remains strong.

The Dragon Armies faltered, only to rise again numerous time under different emporers. Each having their own idea of what the Queen wished, but none were true to her. Highlords were executed and banished while new blood arose. Struggles within nearly brought them to the brink of annihilation.

360 a.c. Spring Dawning (present time)

The world struggles to rebuild. ...once more.

A new Empress has arisen to power in the Dragon Armies, seemingly with the favor of the Queen. Taking the reigns of those beneath her, she has quelled the chaos and strengthened the ranks of those loyal. Once again the Dragon Armies march from their darkened keeps in search of conquering lands, bringing forth the will of their Queen.

The Knights of Solamnia after two long years of infighting have agreed to disagree for the betterment of the people. It has done little to belay the fears of those they mean to protect, and the scorn cast upon the fallen knighthood by the people seems much to overcome. The Order of Knights is far from unified, but they know if nothing is done, then their efforts will be for nothing, as the darkness grows.

The Silvanesti lands still suffer under the darkness it has so long endured. Chaos has become more destructive in recent times. A small settlement of elves remain to battle and reclaim their ancient home; yet they are no longer the only ones. The Minotur nation has landed on the eastern shores of the Silvanesti lands, and has taken a firm hold. To the north, the Dragon Army, and the ogres of Bloten slowly encroach, seeking to take it for their own.

The Qualinesti once more look to the world for help. They find themselves surrounded on all sides by evil, and many have fled the shores of Abanasinia, seeking refuge in other lands.

Kendermore remains under the tight control of the Minotaur nation, as they have pushed their way into Khur and Goodlund.

Magic has strengthened. The tower has become solidified once more. Some magi have returned, and the school teaches once more. The school of Nightlund has it's doors closed, and used the power of the moons to seal and protect the secrets of the arcane from any prying eyes.

Many have claimed they have seen an increase in magic users, that do not wear the robes of the magical tower. Yet wander together in unity. Magics of healing are still used, however now; those that claim no worship of the gods heal the sick and weak.

Artifacts of ancient power and legends have been rumored to be found, but none can say for certain. Those artifacts that were claimed found, can no longer be produced, and many speculate either lies, or darkness and mystery have reclaimed their treasure.

The people of the world cry out for aid. The sick and poor beg in the streets. Faith has been found fleeting, and darkness creeps into many hearts. Good men turn to dark ways, just so their children can eat.
The gods of Light, twilight, and darkness have all put forth their calls to men and women to champion their cause, and bring their beliefs and plans to the world. Do you adventurer; have what it takes? Do you have what is needed to be the savior and champion of the people? Or will you be the spreading darkness, wandering the land, forcing those weak fools to bend knee before you?

Your Destiny is Yours to Forge!

//OOC: We here at Dragonlance Legends: Legends of Krynn, have created a world, where nothing is permanently set down. The world is always changing, based upon the players, and their characters actions. We promote the Role play aspect of gaming, and urge all players to become integral parts of the World of Krynn. The world is for you, the player to shape.

I have left many things vague in reference, for it is the characters just starting out to find out what is truth, and merely rumor. The characters and players that have been here for some time, and have been involved in the adventures that have brought the world to where it is, know all, and some may share their knowledge with you. Let your character grow, and learn of the things in the world, and choose your path.
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Current Timeline and Recent Events
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