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 Custom Areas

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ADM Clotho
ADM Clotho

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PostSubject: Custom Areas   Tue Mar 27, 2012 6:14 pm

PC's can now purchase areas to be built.  This is a one map area, and will include a housing door.

10 million gold – 3x3 area map, tileset of choice.  Small House Door.

15 million gold – 5x5 area map, tileset of choice.  Medium House Door.

20 million gold – 7x7 area map, tileset of choice.  Large House Door.

50 million gold – 9x9 area map, tileset of choice.  Castle Door.

For example of sizes, the Dwelling of the Gods entryway is an 8x7 area.

Larger maps, or maps with more areas may be gifted for RP, or if an area will see use by multiple persons.   Maps may take some time to complete upon purchase.

Please post here.

*Pricing changes may occur as we adjust.
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Custom Areas
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