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// OOC - This thread will contain many stories that people who do not like to read about murder, alcohol, and other undesirable things of that nature should avoid. If you decide to read on, it is not my fault for anything that was not to your taste in those regards - thanks!


Aiden James was born the son of a middle class merchant and a seamstress. His mother was shockingly beautiful, most women envied to look like her, even those with the money in nobility, and with the addition of her ability to make fine clothes, she was as stunning as they come. His father however, had the nicest blue eyes anyone had seen, and he was beyond muscular. Born physically strong he was a specimen his entire life. Together they had a decent house, and a decent sum of money, Aiden however was quite different than them. Aiden spent his time stealing from any place or anyone he could. He had gotten so could by the time he was twelve years old he never had any altercations with the law.

As one could expect, this would surely have angered his parents, and it did. His mother would ignore him, or be cocky to him and he grew a hate for her. He wanted to do what he wanted, regardless of what anyone else said. As time went on, his relationship with his family diminished further, but nothing would come of it for awhile. In the mean time, Aiden would go to school, be very successful and still steal and in his spare time read to learn how to speak better. His goal was nobility, and he wanted it bad. After years of thievery, Aiden finally made his father broke down when he came home with a diamond necklace that belonged to his aunt. His father was so furious he tried to beat Aiden to a pulp, and he in fact did. Aiden then realized he needed to buff up to be able to handle life on his own. Everyday he would work on exercising and weight lifting techniques until he was as toned as his father.

Aiden, in his "new" body grew quite cocky. To some you could tell he tried to instigate fights, but to no avail did it work. After trying to figure out a way for his father to throw the first punch, he went back to his aunts house and stole the finest ring either of them had ever seen. His dad then hit him square in the face, this lead to brawl in which Aiden succeeded to take his father down. When he had him on the ground he pulled a dagger out of his pants and stabbed him square in the heart. He cleaned up the floor and hid the body so his mother would not find out when she returned from the shop. Once Aiden had cleared the scene of the crime, he stuck to the shadows waiting for his mother to come home. When she walked through the door, Aiden quickly covered her mouth with his right hand, and slit her throat with his other. The murdering of his parents freed him of anyone trying to keep him on a path they intended for him, and not one he could choose. After completely cleaning up the scene of his mother's death, he packed a bag full of all he needed, and at nightfall left the house with his parents corpses in hand and tossed them into the sea.

Releasing his parents' bodies truly gave Aiden a sense of freedom, so he set out stealing from what or who he could, selling the rewards reaped from his work to better his appearance and his stash of luxuries. For work, Aiden properly set out his name to trusted sources for work, always making sure to add in he was not afraid to murder. So as time went on Aiden did his work of theivery and occasional killing, and kept studying and bettering himself in hopes to achieve his dreams.

Present Day

"Dammit! I spilled my wine again!" Typical words from the mouth of Aiden James those are. When life gives you the skills to acquire a sum of coin in a short time, you may experience the fruits of your skills quite often, as does Aiden James. Never having less than two bottles of exquisite wine and six very well wrapped cigars of the highest quality on his person, Aiden is not afraid to show off what he can make. Even his outfits show the same basic messages of style, money, and good self keeping.

For not having a set home, Aiden has found it quite important to bathe as much as possible, as well as clean his clothes as well as possible. He is living the good life, though he could be living it even better. Laziness, yes, that would be the word to describe the old Aiden. Never caring about anything but appearance Aiden went by doing job after job in town after town enjoying himself and his company whenever they could tolerate his looking that much better than them or his constant studying and perfecting the common tongue. Aiden carries a sly sense of humor that attracts all sorts of typically unwanted folk to him. Though for all of Aiden's goods and mistakes he has had, reality struck him, and he realized he needed to find better work, either solo or group to garner him the greatest amount of coin so that he could fulfill his dream of owning his own home.

First things first, Aiden knew, he needed to get in contact with those who are in need of a thief and a man not afraid to kill to make his coin. "Mmm. I guess it would be time to get off my arse and do some stuff, yes .... mmhmm." So after saying those words, Aiden got off of the rock he was sitting on, and carried on to complete his lifelong dream of owning a house and becoming true nobility.

// OOC Note - the rest of the thread will be a collection of stories, adventures and developments from IC events.
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