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 Guild Requirements

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PostSubject: Guild Requirements   Guild Requirements Icon_minitimeFri Mar 02, 2012 3:24 pm

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The Dragon Armies are the predominant force of evil in the land. They have racial requirements that they follow as ordered by the Dark Queen.

If a player wishes to join the Dragon Armies, then he is expected to seek out the headquarters of the army he seeks to join, and role play his intention. Level guidelines are not set in stone, and a character may come to the guild at any time.

Takhisis controls all aspects of her forces, and characters are subject to her will. Players should realize that the Dark queen can at any time take the character, and send them on a quest to prove their worth and loyalty to her. Characters that refuse, will find themselves banished from the armies, and hunted as a traitor to the queens forces.

Dark Clerics, and evil wizards/sorcerers in service to Takhisis, shall be the represenative of their church, or magical order; however, may find themselves placed in an army for support purposes, or to lead the army in the name of the Dark Queen and called upon as she sees fit for a purpose. Refusal may result in the character being banished and hunted, or may result in the character being punished and “reprogrammed” by clerics, or the queen herself.

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Guild Requirements
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