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 Holy Orders of the Stars

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PostSubject: Holy Orders of the Stars   Thu Dec 29, 2011 8:17 am

Those who wish to serve one of the True Gods, must win acceptance from that god. They must come to understand the beliefs and practices of the religion and face a test of faith.

Upon passing this test the new priest receives a god's medallion of faith. This medallion marks the priest a servant of the god, and as such all priests regardless of station wear such medallions.

The gods of Krynn bless their priests with certain powers, but demand in turn strict obedience to the teachings and principles of their faith. Transgressions will garner the wrath of the gods, and one may lose more than just their powers for such deeds.

Level – Rank Title
Level 1: Acolyte, Acolyte, Aspirant
Level 2: Deacon, Deacon, Ovate
Level 3: Adept, Adept, Initiate
Level 4: Priest, Priest, Disciple
Level 5: Curate, Curate, Master of Earth
Level 6: Prefect, Prefect, Master of Fire
Level 7: Canon, Canon, Master of Water
Level 8: Elder, Spiritor, Master of Winds
Level 9: Patriarch, Patriarch, Master of Mystery
Level 10: High Priest, High Priest, Master of Light
Level 11: Ecclesion, Ecclesion, Master of Time
Level 12: Apostle, Apostle, Master of Elements
Level 13: Abbot, Abbot, Master of the Book
Level 14: Bishop, Bishop, Master of Dreams

One will retain the rank of Bishop even at a higher level, unless they are appointed to a leadership position for their individual temple.

The leaders of the pantheons are arranged in an organized structure. Each religion has a representative that speaks on behalf of the temple and faith. And from theses representatives comes one leader among them, providing a council with one overseeing the others in times of need.

These representatives are selected by being individuals who best uphold and promote the ideals of their diety; and are called: Prophet, Nightmaster, Archmaster.

Of these there is then the one leader who exemplifies not only the ideals of their own diety and church, but all the principles revered by their respective pantheon of light, darkness, or twilight. They hold the respective titles of: Chosen Prophet, Master of the Night, Star Master .

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Holy Orders of the Stars
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