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 Shades of Aeleth

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ADM Clotho
ADM Clotho

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PostSubject: Shades of Aeleth   Thu Dec 08, 2011 9:41 am

Guild Requirements:

Alignment: Any Evil
Classes: Preferably Cleric or Sorc, No Monk, Druid, RDD, Ranger.
Race: Any

Guild Outline:  
We are a sect of Chemosh's church that does not fall in line with the cultists. Where the cultists wish to kill all that can be killed we are farmers of Death. Our aim is to sow seeds that cause Death to flourish. Our goal is to create war and chaos without ever being known. Let others do the fighting, so long as the mortals squabble Death will proliferate. We fund wars and hire assasinations. Getting our own hands dirty is not ideal. If we must strike on our own, we will strike with precesion and speed, slip in slip out, no one must know that we exist.

Ranking Structure:

Wraith Lord (head of the guild) - Karok

Shadow Preist  (second only to the Wraith Lord, the Shadow preist is a Cleric who communicates directly with the Church on the activities and goals of the guild.) -

Wraiths (esteemed members who have proven their competency and devotion) -

Shades (Members who operate under the supervision and tutelage of a Wraith) -

Shadelings (prospective members who are awaiting full acceptance into the guild) -

To join post

Character name:
Small char RP:

and you will receive a PM on how to join IG.

*skill points in Persuade and Bluff are highly recomended
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Shades of Aeleth
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