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 The Unseen Blade

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ADM Clotho
ADM Clotho

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PostSubject: The Unseen Blade   Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:39 am

Guild Name: The Unseen Blade

Membership Requirements:
Rogue/ SD build - must contain Assassin levels - no fighters - no mages.
Any race - though there will be tests to approve guild membership and to prove worthiness.
Must be Evil
*The use of poison/ wounding and other type of weapons must be prolific during combat - contract work.

Guild Leadership: Falls to the Upright Man - no one knows exactly who he is but those who know the thieves cant will be able to leave a message for him to find easily enough

Guild Organization: The Upright man, Uncles, Shoulder Tappers/ Bagmen, Fences.

Guild Summary: The Unseen Blade comprises of the best of the worst that society has to offer. The sole aim of the guild is to remain unknown yet feared to the point of being myths read to scare small children at bedtime, yet send a shiver down a Knight Captains back when mentioned. Elusive and secretive, yet utterly without remorse, their sole aim is to perfect the art of assassination through skill rather than butchery (unless dictated through contractual obligations) and receive the highest of recognition, to obtain a shielded dagger (an invisible blade) gifted by the Upright Man (The Unseen Blade and the ultimate proof of skill as an assassin).

Members "worship" no gods other than Hiddukel the god of exploitation, whom they perform their art in his service whenever possible, perhaps even secretly wanting notice from their patron, though they want no notice from others at any time.

A loose motto rumoured to be used by those who know of the Guild (or have heard say of them ) is "Success is death, Failure is discovery."

*DM Note ~ All PC assassinations/Major guild leaders will be approved by DM Staff before commencing. See PvP Rules/Assassin section
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The Unseen Blade
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