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 Sisterhood of the Storm

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ADM Clotho
ADM Clotho

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PostSubject: Sisterhood of the Storm   Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:37 am

Membership Requirements:
Female ONLY.
Characters of Human, Elven, or Half Elven Origin.
Must Be Evil.
Must Honor and Follow Zeboim.

Preferred warrior classes, no mages. All priests need seek out the High Shamaness and petition Zeboim for approval.

Guild Leadership: The Blood Matron and High Shamaness.
Guild Headquarters: The Siren's Pearl.

Guild Summary:

The Sisterhood of the Storm originates from the Isle of Storms, in the Misty Isle chain. The sisterhood is a matriarchal society dedicated to honoring Zeboim and the power of the feminine.

They seek to prove themselves by strength, and that you can not rely on others for support. Your power is your own.

Being a matriarchal society, Males are of a lower status and caste. They are viewed as being useful for three things only those being; Slaves, Sacrifices, and Snu Snu (hehe). Males are lesser, viewed as unimportant unless fulfilling one of these roles.

Females are seen as dominant, but only if they have the strength to be. They view mainland females with a heavy disdain, for being so dependent on men and allowing them into roles of leadership and influence.

Weakness is frowned upon, as is cowardice.

Tribute and Honor must be given to Zeboim, but you should not dare ask for anything in turn. If Zeboim deems you worthy, she might bless you, but do not rely upon her for a crutch.

To cross one sister is to cross all sisters, that the wrath Zeboim and the Storm will reach full fury.
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Sisterhood of the Storm
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