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 Kimi Tannemen

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PostSubject: Kimi Tannemen   Tue Nov 29, 2011 3:22 pm


Human Female(Solamnic look and accent) - late teens
Long blond hair usually kept pulled back to easier be stuffed into her helm
Bright blue eyes
She bears no visible scars, marks, or tattoos
5'8", 108lbs.- tall and thin but surprisingly strong
Known to dress in armor most times and always carries a shield and longsword. On occasion will use a composite longbow.

Kimi was born in a small village between Caergoth and Port O'call to a farmer and his wife. Her mother was very ill after her birth but struggled against death to care for her child. One cold night, when Kimi was 3 years old, a man came to the door asking for shelter. Her father told the man he was welcome to stay in the barn for the night but then he must go in the morning. The man had a hunted look about him and kept glancing about continuously. Not long after the family had retired, they heard a ruckus from outside. Her father went to see what the matter was, but when he got to the door, he was knocked back as wood splintered across the room. A group of dirty men trampled into the house, yelling and trashing the home. Kimi's father lay panic stricken on the floor. He began to speak, to beg for his life and that of his family's, but was silenced swiftly with a slice across his throat, nearly severing his head. Each man in the group seemed to have his eyes focused on the stairs. They nearly tripped over themselves to get up to the sleeping areas. The first one entered the warm bedroom and went to straight for the frail frightened woman on the bed. He grabbed her and dragged her screaming down the stairs and out of the house. His companions following eagerly. In the yard, she was stripped of her sleeping gown and her hands bound at her back. She stopped yelling and stared straight ahead into the night, vapor rising with each labored breath. They took her then. Each stinking, foul vermin took his trun with her cold boney form. What they did not see was the man hiding in the shadows, watching. After they were done, one returned to the house, making a thorough search. He returned with a child. A little blond cherub with big blue eyes and a cupid's bow mouth. She did not cry, but stared at the men with interest. The woman turned and saw her baby and began to scream again. She was quickly and efficiently silenced with the snapping of her neck. Kimi didn't understand why her mommy just stared at her like that without a sound. She wiggled and got down from the man's grasp, going over to sit in the dirt beside her mother. She held her mommy's hand and looked up at the men. Each of them was sstruck by this scene and could not bear to harm the little girl. They left her there, figuring someone would find her in the morning. What they did not count on was their prey being the one to find her.

Eloy waited a long while for the men to truly be gone before slipping quietly across the yard and approaching the child. She looked up with a finger over her lips and whispered, "Mommy is sleeping now." Eloy nodded and held out his arms to her, assuring her that all was fine and that he was going to take care of her now.

Thirteen years later, Kimi and Eloy were living high on the seas with strong ale and good friends. The only thing they lacked was coin. times had gotten rough with no one patrolling the seas for pirates. More than once, after a fine haul at the docks, they had been victim to the miscreants. There was nothing left to sell and so they too were forced to resort to piracy. Their crew was skilled enough and began to train the young girl how to protect herself. She was tall and thin and quick, but more surprisingly, she was strong. Both of arm and of will. They instilled in her a code of honor and proved it by never harming those they stole from. They didn't take from those that couldn't afford it and never more than they needed. They were not rich but they were fed and happy. Kimi had no memory of that long ago night.

When she turned seventeen, they threw her a part and pulled into port in Caergoth. Unfortunately for them, they drew too much attention and in a high tavern, laughing and drinking and showering the girl turned woman with gifts. Another patron recognized the blond girl and alerted the authorities to the presence of pirates. Shortly after, soldiers and militiamen came barging in and battered the drunken crew into submission, hauling them off to await punishment. Kimi was seperated from the others and found herself in a dank room with the man that had recognized her. He did not like the idea of her free living and wanted to tame her. She was held down with her arms over her head as he examined her. "she will produce fine hers don't you think Kodje?" the man said. When she spat at him, he slapped her. She bit his hand, severing a finger. Howling in surprise and in pain, the man headed for the door. "Get her out of here, with the others. Tomorrow she will regret not accepting my offer."

She was lead then to another area where the rest of the crew waited. They were standing in line and one by one stepping up to a table with steam rising from it. She spotted Eloy and called to him. He beamed to see her safe and motioned her over beside him. "They are marking the order of our death cupid, but fret not for I have found a way to get you out," he whispered.
"I am not leaving you El!" her hiss leaving little doubt to her vehemence.
"Only for a little while. I have bought your passage on a ship through one of the guards here. He was a good customer at one time and he owes me a favor. I'm sorry love but you will have to suffer the pain of branding however."
"What about you?" she asked.
"Myself and the others have our own plans, just do as you are told and all will be fine." He choked up a little, "you are your own woman now but obey me this one last time m'dear. I promise I will find you."
Kimi nodded with tears in her eyes, certain that she was spending her last moments with her El. When her turn came, she raised her left arm and bared her side, gritting her teeth but otherwise remaining silent as the metal 7 ate into her flesh and the smell wafted up to her nostrils. Staring ahead into the dark as her forgotten mother once had, she smiled at El, then passed out.

Later she woke and was on board a ship bound for who knew where. El was not there and she was alone. Her side burned and itched where the skin had peeled and crusted over. It was a reminder, and always would be. The crew on this ship was nice enough but they were not her family. She gave her thanks and disembarked at the next port. Somewhere in Abanasinia. From there she wandered on foot and sold her sword to get by. She had learned much with El and the others but there was much more yet if she ever meant to find out what became of them.

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Kimi Tannemen
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