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 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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PostSubject: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions   FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Icon_minitimeMon Nov 28, 2011 11:58 am

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Hello folks!  With the influx of players joining us both new and old, I have had certain questions repeatedly asked to me. I'm trying to condense them into one easy to read post for folks to review.

Divine Blessing
This item is given to PC's as a tool by which they can aid those members traveling with them should there not be a cleric present to aid should one of the group fall.  These items are for people who are together and working as a team, and should be used in an RP manner.  Please note that in a DM event the DM may request them not to be used because they have other plans.

When you die you are taken to the fugue plane to make a short journey back to life.  There is also an XP and GP loss that comes with this.  

The server has a soft cap of Level 20.  Levelling beyond this takes a token, just PM the staff for one.

Teleport Rings
When purchasing from a merchant you -must- ensure to buy slots for the ring.  The number of slots you add to the ring will be the number of places you can bind to for transportation.  The rings recharge on their own, over the spawn of hours you have selected upon purchase.  (1 game hour = 2 RL minutes.)

Help, I don't know anything about Dragonlance!
That's okay!  We'll do our best to get you started in the world with some basic information, and will try to arrange events that begin to instruct you about the unique nature of the world of Dragonlance, and the original story additions we have added to the setting of DLOK.  Feel free to send a PM to the DM Staff and we'll have someone work with you.
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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