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 Shady Dealings

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PostSubject: Shady Dealings   Shady Dealings Icon_minitimeFri Nov 25, 2011 5:08 am

Those few that knew the name, Rashard, might have been surprised to hear rumor of his death. Rumor that a shadowy man, possibly a Black Talon, was searching for one with Rashard's description, was staying at the Inn in Jennison. Rashard was seen entering the back rooms. Shortly after a struggle was heard, while later a man wearing the garb of a Black Talon was seen leaving. The proprietor of the inn found a man laying on the ground in the clothing Rashard was wearing. Strangely enough, when the inn keeper returned to the room after informing the guards, the body, of what was assumed Rashard, had vanished. Rashard has been pronounced dead, but those of the "Family" will know how to contact the "Shadow Fox".
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Shady Dealings
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