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 Ilit-Ivo Starsong

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PostSubject: Ilit-Ivo Starsong   Ilit-Ivo Starsong Icon_minitimeWed Nov 23, 2011 2:33 pm

{~}Ilit-Ivo Starsong{~}
Current Age: 83
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 157 LBs
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Caramel Brown
Skin Tone:Fair-Lightly Tanned
Body Build:Slender, Lean

Father: Celuthil Starsong
Father's Occupation: Qualinesti Ranger
Father's Biography: Celuthil Starsong, born to Ifnil and Alyye Starsong, led a company of Elven Rangers against the Red Dragonarmies during the occupation of Haven during the War of the Lance. Celuthil Starsong was known for many things, including leading the youngest group of Rangers that Qualinesti had fielded in the War of the Lance. Leading a fairly normal life, Celuthil entered the armies of Qualinost as a Swordsman and a trained Archer when he was a little over one hundred years old. Alongside his beautiful wife, Kyanna, who had taken an oath to serve Chislev when she reached adulthood, he stressed the need for togetherness and teamwork amongst elves in Qualinesti, and was a heavy believer that in the days to come, their Silvanesti cousins would join them and form the United Elven Nations.

Unfortunately, Celuthil would not live through the War of the Lance to see that day. Due to an ambush led by one of the Red Dragonarmy Lieutenants, Celuthil would fall in the midst of a hail of arrowfire while organizing the retreat for the men and women under his command. Later that day, his Ranger Corps would go on to give pivotal aid to the Knights of Solamnia, helping to win a battle just outside of Haven, though ultimately the city would be lost t the Dragonarmies some weeks later.
Mother: Kyanna Starsong
Mother's Occupation: Druid of Chislev
Mother's Biography: Kyanna Starsong was born originally Kyanna Whitewind, daughter of High Druid Alana Whitewind of Qualinost. Kyanna grew up learning to worship Chislev and love all things natural. Very often seen paying homage to Chislev in the sacred grove in Qualinost, Kyanna travels from district to district regularly giving blessings to the various inhabitants of Qualinost and re-assuring young elves that the threat at their doorstep will be over soon. Though her husband, the late Captain Celuthil Starsong, would not get the chance to see it, she would have seen both of their dream that the children of Silvanesti would come and share the comfort of Qualinost. Unfortunately, the time would come where her son would travel off alone in search of a way to prove to Ansalon that Qualinost hasn't yet given up hope.

Kyanna has been in quiet mourning since and has not left the Grove of Chislev, but she prays every day that the Gods of Light might see her child home once again.

Generalized Skills
Area of Expertise: Archery and Swordsmanship
Combat Ability: Hybrid Prowess in Ranged and Melee Combat
Knowledge Expertise: Knowledgeable of Qualinesti and Silvanesti History, Knowledgeable of Chislev
Hobbies: Ilit-Ivo manages the garden in his home of Qualinost, though he has left it to tend for itself in his absence. He hopes to go back to it when he has freed Qualinost of the Dragonarmy threats.

Ambitions: To lead the armies of Qualinost against the Dragonarmies and to defeat the Dragon Empress.

Personality: Ilit-Ivo Starsong is a very sociable adult Elf. He is very friendly with people of all races and respects the will of the White Robes of the Tower of High Sorcery. He is generally loyal and trustworthy and he acts in the best interests of the people of Krynn. He is susceptible, however, to goading and taunting, and will often run in rashly at a threat that speaks poorly of Elves or predicts the downfall of his own people. He is also very defensive of his cousins, the Silvanesti, and will always welcome a member of his kin, regardless of what type of Elven kin, into his protection if he is able.


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PostSubject: Re: Ilit-Ivo Starsong   Ilit-Ivo Starsong Icon_minitimeTue Nov 29, 2011 3:37 pm

Updated with Parent's Bio.
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