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 Kalil Toth

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{~}Kalil Toth{~}
Current Age: 27
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 223 LBs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skin Tone: Pale
Body Build: Muscular, Toned

Father: Josef Toth
Father's Occupation:Follower of Chemosh; Dark Mystic in the Black Dragonarmy
Father's Biography:

Mother: Belinda Toth
Mother's Occupation: Black Robe of the Tower of High Sorcery
Mother's Biography:

Generalized Skills
Area of Expertise: Divine Power; Necromancy and Enchantment
Combat Ability: Mediocre without Diving Blessings. Unmatchable with Divine Blessings.
Knowledge Expertise: Kalil specializes in the knowledge of the gods of Evil, as well as the art of healing. While he is capable of great works of good, his service to Chemosh includes healing only when it would save his own life or keep someone indebted to his service.
Hobbies: Kalil enjoys the night-time and can routinely be found outside during the night, either performing rituals or relaxing and watching the various constellations in the sky, contemplating what their next moves might be.

Ambitions: Kalil wishes to become the Champion of the Lord of Death, and strives to serve him for eternity, searching for a way to become undeath itself in order to serve his master.

Personality: Kalil is highly self-centered and acts only in his own ambitions. Fortunately his ambitions are to serve Chemosh to the best of his ability, and while he is an overzealous follower of Chemosh, he worships him publically only when it is appropriate or beneficial to do so. He is knowledgeable of some arcane magic but otherwise focuses on divine rituals and prayers to the Lord of Death. He is cunning and deceptive, but is a borderline sociopath. He is incapable of feeling 'love', but is capable of feeling attachment and infatuation separately, which can be shown by a possible attachment to a significant other, contrasted with his absolute infatuation for the Lord of Death.

Kalil Toth was born to Josef and Belinda Toth in the city of Tarsis. Due to both of his parents leading busy lives, Kalil was brought up by a midwife, who was kind enough to serve both of his parents full time. Of course, it wasn't as though she had a choice. His father, Josef, quickly imprinted upon his son the importance of worship and faith, giving up his son's free will to Chemosh to serve as a faithful of the Lord of Death. His mother, a black robe, did not mind not having to teach his son the usage of the Arcane, preferring in fact to allow him to find his own strength in the world which, for Kalil, became heavy worship to the Lord of Death. Kalil picked up on Chemosh's teachings with ease and by his early adolescents, had acquired quite a bit of divine power through sacrifice and rituals, earning the emblem of a priest of Chemosh within Tarsis.

As he grew older, he left Tarsis, traveling as a missionary of sorts, damning small towns to Chemosh's rule along the way and performing sacrifices in his name. The majority of his history has yet to be written, but perhaps the town of Zaradene will provide a good starting point for our young dark mystic...
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Kalil Toth
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