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 Blane Kenneset

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{~}Blane Kenneset{~}
Current Age: 23
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160 LBs
Hair Color: Fair; Blonde
Eye Color:Blue; Dark
Skin Tone:Fair; Slightest Tan
Body Build:Lean; Lacking in muscle definition

Father: Dorran Kenneset
Father's Occupation: Lieutenant in the Solamnic Army
Father's Biography:Dorran Kenneset was born on Holmswelth in the outskirts of Palanthas to Sir Keith Kenneset and Lady Andrea Kenneset, both of whom held ranks within the Order of the Crown in the Knights of Solamnia. His childhood was one of hard work, diligent practice, and perserverence. Following his early childhood, he quickly grew to live his life by two major 'rules' he had set for himself. Both were simple in speech, but complicated in their true meaning and their interpretation and introduction into his life.

The first was that nothing in life was free. Everything had to be earned in order to truly be appreciated. Despite the fact that both of his parents were Knights of Solamnia, and thus considered nobles (at least on a very basic level of respect), Dorran did not live the comfortable lifestyle that his peers believed him to have. For much of his adolescence, his time was spent learning how to be proficient as a martial warrior, learning with all manner of blades and weaponry. The only weapons he did not learn how to wield properly were bows and crossbows, as his parents would not permit their son to engage the enemy in such a dishonorable fashion.

As time went on, Dorran quickly showed promise as a warrior, and his parents were eager to urge him into taking the Squire trials when he reached the age of fifteen, and so he did. Unfortunately, Dorran quickly showed that, while his parents had taught him the numerous ordeals he would have to toughen through as a warrior, they had been lax in their teachings of the strict and rigid ideals of honor that the Knighthood valued. Following his Squire trials, his father and mother had only disappointment and shame for their son's failure, though they still held love for him. It was less than two years following his failure that he left to go join the Solamnic Army, determined to leave his embarrassing past behind.

During his enlistment period with the Solamnic Army, where he served his first few years as a Private in the army, he met with Alysson Thoreau who, at the time, was only an acolyte of the Tower of High Sorcery, studying at the School of Magic outside of Zaradene. Their meeting quickly blossomed into a simple, yet long-lived love. The couple would eventually get married, and would give way to a single child, Blane, who would follow in his mother's footsteps. His story, however, is his own.

During his service in the Solamnic Army, Dorran would serve to be a strong soldier and an even stronger leader amongst his battalion. Serving against the Dragonarmies as they cut a swath across Ansalon, Dorran first served as the shock forces against the Dark Queen's troops. His skill in martial combat and his fearless determination served as a standard throughout the army, inspiring entire leagues of soldiers to overcome overwhelming odds. Though he met many defeats, the victories he was a part of were key in determining what few areas of Ansalon were saved from the Dark Queen's wrath... or at least, where the damage had been lessened.

As of 360 A.C., Dorran now serves as a Lieutenant in the Solamnic Army, struggling along with the other officers to rally the men and women of Solamnia under a single banner against the remnants of the Dragonarmies.

Mother: Alysson Kenneset
Mother's Occupation: Archmagus of the White Tower
Mother's Biography: Alysson Kenneset was born originally as Alysson Thoreau, to father Alexander Thoreau, who was a scholar and historian in the hall of Palanthas, and mother Christiana Thoreau, a magus of the red robes for the Tower of High Sorcery. She led an educated, and more or less lofty childhood. Her parents valued knowledge and the search of knowledge over all else, and when Alysson had reached the age of twelve, her mother had been quick to teach her the basics of arcane knowledge.

Following her mother's tutelage, she set out to the Abanisinian School of Magic, where she lived studiously, taking rare trips away from the School when she needed a break from her studies, but otherwise only leaving when her mentor allowed or willed her to. On one particular trip away from the School of Magic, she happened to meet then-corporal Dorran Kenneset, whom she would later get married to and would mother a child a few days following her test into the Tower of High Sorcery. That, however, is a story of its own.

Following the completion of her test into the Tower of High Sorcery, Alysson, who had previously been a lofty, studious and very much care-free individual, had been subtly twisted in her personality by her test into the High Tower. The test had strained her abilities to maintain her calm, and had pressured a quiet and almost lethal anxiety into her mind. The woman who had once been able to carry on through life without constantly worrying for her family could no longer go more than a week or two at a time without sending a letter and expecting some form of communication back. She began to worry endlessly, her once silken auburn hair growing gray and her face lined with wrinkles.

Despite these changes in her physical features however, she continued to age gracefully and is still widely considered beautiful throughout the Tower and throughout her peers. She began taking to research into magical artifacts and the potential dangers of abuse of the Arcane, engraving into her son the cautious warning that magic is not to be used without careful thought and planning. Her studies and her skill in the Arcane granted her a seat on the conclave of white robes in the Tower of High Sorcery, where she now sits. Unfortunately, many have begun to question her sanity as she spends much of her time isolated and in research, her quarters heavily warded, communicating through various divination techniques instead of actually communicating in person.

Despite her changes, she still readily answers the calls of her family, and watches arduously over the well-being of her husband and son.

Generalized Skills
Area of Expertise: Arcane Magic
Combat Ability: Minimal martial proficiency, but adept in using magic in combat
Knowledge Expertise: Blane has a deep-seated interest in the history of the Gods of Krynn, but is otherwise knowledgeable of most topics, including but not limited to the history of Ansalon, powerful magical artifacts of lore[Only their legends, not their location or true use], and generally of the Arcane.
Hobbies: Blane is a talented player of the lute, and has been known to write songs and poems in his spare time.

Ambitions: Currently, Blane's only true ambition is to further his knowledge of the Arcane such that he can pass his wizarding test and be accepted into the Tower of High Sorcery, following in his mother's footsteps.

Personality: Blane is an upstanding gentleman who is very kind-hearted. He finds it difficult to willingly bring harm to another individual, and does so to other living things only when it is the difference between life and death. He believes that the Arcane should be used only to aid others and to lessen their suffering. He is nice almost to a fault, capable of easily being manipulated so long as he believes that he is doing 'the right thing' and will go out of his way (possibly even endangering himself) if it means bringing aid to someone of lesser fortune than himself. He is still young and his naivety to the world shows in his choices and actions.

Blane Kenneset was born in 336 A.C. in the month of Holmswelth, to Lieutenant Dorran Kenneset of the Solamnic Army, and Alysson Kenneset of the White Robes. Both, while they were not overly known public figures, were quite skilled in their relative areas. At the time, his father, Dorran Kenneset, was a Corporal of the Solamnic Army, and his mother, Alysson Kenneset had just passed her test into the Tower of High Sorcery. From an early age, Blane showed a distinct lack of interest in his father's martial habits, and instead showed a unique aptitude for his mother's art form of magic. As she grew within the order, she bestowed upon him the basic knowledge of the Arcane, teaching him every so often as he grew older and nurturing his interest in the Arcane, ensuring that he fully understood the ideals and the basic foundations and principles of the Arcane.

As he grew older, Blane began to use his magical talents to help his peers. Children his own age would befriend him, partially from a desire to be around someone who was knowledgeable of the Arcane, and partially because it was something 'new'. Not many children were trusted with the knowledge of the Arcane, though he was heavily monitored as a result, both by his mother and by the Tower. His development was carefully watched throughout his adolescent years, and after he had mastered the basic cantrips of Sorcery, as well as being taught some of the spells found within the first circle of mastery, he took to teaching himself, outside of his mother's influence. After she had caught him practicing the spell of Ghostly Visage, found within the second circle, she suggested he venture to the School of Magic in Abanisinia. Heeding his mother's word, it was not long before he set out for Zaradene.

Shortly after arriving, he met with Mistress Veluthil Se'yasvaillo in Zaradene, who transported him to the School of Magic and gave him a brief entrance exam into the School. Having passed with uncertain colors, he took to the library, eager to begin his studies. He was to study under a black robe of the tower by the name of Morier Viaonsah, who later proved to be a very capable teacher. Blane's aptitude in magic grew very apparent as time went on, and it was not long until he was named an Acolyte to the Order of Solinari.

Blane's test into the Tower of High Sorcery came as an illusion, concocted by Helene Ith'ril'dror, the Highmagus of the Tower of High Sorcery during his time as a student. Blane's moral compass was tested, and his devotion to the Gods of Light thoroughly examined. However, when he had thrown his life away in order to perform a duty to the Gods themselves, it was decided by Solinari to allow him acceptance into his order. Time continued, and he thrived as a new White Robed Magus, his magical aptitude growing at an almost alarming rate.

Blane took specific interest in the art of Abjuration during his first few months in the Tower of High Sorcery as most White Robes do, and he first began his studies into Necromancy as well, though they were only studied so far as to learn how best to put newly created undead creatures to rest.

Early on in his history, he had tasted the first result of true dark magic... power left behind by Gods long forgotten to Krynn. During an attempted scrying in the first moments of the insurrection of the Black Talon Mercenaries, Blane's mind was torn asunder from the inside as a demon, leaving him lifeless. In those brief period, he met with the cold and unforgiving darkness of death; yet Solinari did not see it fit to beckon his soul across just yet, allowing the Warden Daniel O'Malley to resurrect the young Wizard. Solinari undoubtedly had bigger plans for him yet...

Artifacts Controlled
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Biography Updated.
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Blane Kenneset
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