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 The Voice of a Wayward Bard

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PostSubject: The Voice of a Wayward Bard   The Voice of a Wayward Bard Icon_minitimeFri Nov 11, 2011 6:25 pm

Name: Valar Silversong
Race: Qualinesti, Elf

Day 1

"Those Humans wont accept you, like you want. You'll be back."

The last words I herd as I left my people. Now, dramatic tension dictates that I not divulge how it came to this point..Yet. Don't get me wrong, I love my people, but the rangers never really struck me as the kind of work I would wish to do the rest of my life. The rumors and stories of wars fought by the humans, that was something to see, to be a part of. With little more then bow and lute in hand, I set off to explore outside the confines of the forest that I had previously been bound to, much to the displeasure of my family...Who all thought I would get myself killed.

Day 15

I have found little time to write, mostly due to being in a almost constant state of illness due to poison from arrows, and the many many dangers of the roads. There is no safe place, except the towns and cities that dot the land. I have seen many of these settlements now, some large while others a few shacks. The towns all have their own law enforcement, none of which seem to have paid me any mind...much to my fortune I am sure. The towns controlled by the Dragon Armies seem rather sinister, even employing goblinoids and, dare I say, the dreaded Draconians. Others have their own hired mercenaries, while even others are controlled by the Knighthood. Should I pick a choice, which would it be? A neutral stance does not strike me, so the choice falls to antagonist or protagonist? A great question indeed...

Day 31

It has been a full month and I feel that a decision should be made today. In which ring do I throw my hat in, or do I return home to my people to live the life my family wishes me to?

Day 32

I have little time to write today, as I am preparing to enter a meeting to offer my services, that is, of course, if they accept me. I must finish now for my name is next to be called here in the Knighthood Keep in Palanthas. I do hope they accept me into the army, it should be rather embarrassing to have to return home and prove my family right!
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PostSubject: Re: The Voice of a Wayward Bard   The Voice of a Wayward Bard Icon_minitimeSun Nov 13, 2011 12:35 pm

Day 33

I do not care to write much today, as I am on a boat on my way home. Humans....*The ink seems to be blotted here. It's as if Valar intended to say something about humans, but stops himself instead*
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The Voice of a Wayward Bard
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