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 Biography of Karok

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Biography of Karok Empty
PostSubject: Biography of Karok   Biography of Karok Icon_minitimeWed Nov 09, 2011 1:40 pm

Age: 30
Height: 6'0"
Build: Fairly muscular but exceptionally stiff.
Looks: A well put together man. Refined is the most accurate way to describe Karok. His origins are uncertain but he seems to have been brought up well, and enjoys the finer things in life. His hair is a deep black with no shine. like coal. His eyes are a steely grey, and he wears a neatly groomed black goatee. His skin is somewhat pale, betraying his somewhat softer upbringing. But this is contrasted against his sharp features and his cold, predatory gaze. a feature he regularly softens with a practiced smile and disarming charm.

Quick to smile, Karok is charming to say the least. A very perceptive person may see a shallowness to his expression, or when insulted, catch a flash of anger or disgust in his eyes before it is quickly buried behind a bright smile and pleasant comments. Most, however, walk away with a genuinely good impression of the man, if not totally enamored. He is well dressed, slow to anger, and generous with his time and money. He is everyone's best friend

But that is merely a facade. Beneath the well cultivated surface is a dark and twisted man. Karok is a man deeply disgusted by the shortcomings of mortal beings. To him emotion is a weakness, a sickness which most be controlled. He is obsessed with control. Both of himself and of others. Those who can not meet his unreal expectations he sees as weak and more importantly manipulable. To him the world of mortals is a world of servants, all he has to do is find the right leverage to bring them under his control.

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Biography of Karok
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