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 Tony Rifts Bio

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PostSubject: Tony Rifts Bio   Tony Rifts Bio Icon_minitimeMon Nov 07, 2011 6:46 pm

Name: Tony Rift
Age: 18
Birthday: Sirrimont (August), Soldai (Wednesday), 342 AC
Mother: Suzanna Rift (Dead)
Father: Michel Rift (Dead)
Siblings: Sister - Lily Rift (Dead)
Home: Good Bay
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Skin: White
Height: 5'10
Appearance: Tony looks to be as a young man. He is fairly built and consist of a friendly face.

Note Worthy Achievements - Was accepted into the school of magic. Has Killed Renegade Wizards(four so far)

Tony grew up in the town of Good Bay. He was young when he lost his family in a goblin attack on his family farm. He was later pick up by a Red Robed lady who took him in. She later discovered he had a potential for magic. Young Tony Didn't know what to make of magic except it was to be feared. Growing up he was a caring person. Never turned down someone in need. He often go out his way to help someone. Later as he study with his mistress. He became more silent he be less open to talking but keep his good nature about himself. His goals of magic was to help the world see that it is not a destructive force. But something that can help people. Later in his study's he learns about the worlds true nature. He is not corrupted by the evil throughout this world. He has learned to control his anger and is in a quest to bring peace though magic. He is of a Student of the art. He learned that evil is what is needed throughout the world.... He has become more calm and direct with his motives. He feels that evil is not a force to destroy or end, but to at least maintain a balance throughout the world. He beleives everything happens for a reason. That everything is preset throughout life. That the things we do only add to what will become of the future that the gods have determent for each of us.
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Tony Rifts Bio
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