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 Bio of Tim Carlson

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PostSubject: Bio of Tim Carlson   Bio of Tim Carlson Icon_minitimeMon Nov 07, 2011 6:40 pm

Tim Carlson grew up in Solace as a young boy. Tim's family died when he was young by the Dragonarmies. Tim never recovered truly from it. He spent most of his years growing up learning to become like his father. Which he was told was a ranger of the lands. This inspired him to keep trying every day. After he was in his teen years. He quickly learned how to use a bow and helped the local guards outside the city from anything that might stroll by. After he became older he later adventured out to Zaradene and Goodbay. Though his travels he tasted real combat. He was shocked on what the hero's would do this daily and continued on his trip. He later was called upon to wipe out goblings near Zaradene, After some time adventuring like this he decided to move to Goodbay and keep the land in check for the rest of his time here.
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Bio of Tim Carlson
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