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 A Life for a Lance

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PostSubject: A Life for a Lance   Fri Oct 28, 2011 7:10 am

The Silver Dragon had taken the Lance... The Lance that Takhisis had given Highlord Kain Toloak to help him in combat against the dragon.

After the battle Kain didn't remember much. He stood on the road outside the city of Portsmith. He was angry with himself for he had failed his Queen. Several men approached Kain. Knights they appeared to be though he wouldn't call them that. They asked him to come quietly as they were placing him under arrest. Having no part of it, Kain drew his sword. One against six. He was sad that it wasn't a fair fight.

In a matter of moment six Knights were laying along the road, dead.

As he prepared to leave a Cleric of Mishakal came along. She was timid in the presence of the Highlord. Kain saw his opportunity. When the Cleric began to examine the bodies he struck , knocking her out. A fine prize she would make for his Queen.

First of all though, he had other plans for her. He would offer her life to the Temple if they would return the Lance and give him a Vial of Silver Dragon Blood.

If they refused he would return her body.... without its head.
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ADM Clotho
ADM Clotho

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PostSubject: Re: A Life for a Lance   Fri Oct 28, 2011 7:34 am

A simple common woman travels alone, to the small village of Portsmith. Making her way from there she stops at the Keep of the Knights outside the city and then at the Temple of Mishakal. She carries a very securely wrapped parcel in arm that bears a holy staff carried by the clergy, and beside this is a medallion of faith to the gods of light.

Her message goes as follows:

Quote :
The Highlord Kain Toloak of the Blue Dragon Army has an offer for you, a chance to save a life.

In exchange for the life of the cleric he requires the return of a Lance that was taken from him and a vial of silver dragon's blood.

If you do not agree he will send assassins to kill the children of Port Smith. Not knights or clerics, only the children.

Once delivered she quietly awaits reply, shaking from the message she is to deliver and worse from the reply that might come.
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PostSubject: Re: A Life for a Lance   Thu Nov 03, 2011 3:04 pm

The response caught Kain off guard. He hadn't expected much more than a simple exchange as he figured the weakness of the Silver Dragon would be he did not want to see the Cleric come to harm.

The Dragon had responded with a challenge to the Blue Dragon Highlord. A challenge of combat. If the Dragon was to win, again, then he got the Cleric. If Kain some how managed to slay the Dragon then he would be rewarded with the return of the Lance and the blood of the Silver Dragon that he was seeking. Not a position Kain wanted to be in. He had felt the power of the dragon once before in battle and it had not ended well.

Word spread among the Dragon Army that Kain had fallen out of favor with his Queen. There was no choice at this point. Kain would have to meet the Silver Dragon in a field a battle and let his Queen decide his fate. A commander also told Kain of such things as the Blue Dragons had lost their faith and trust of Kain. That they had went behind his back to strike a deal with the Silver Dragon.

Kain was furious. The anger built in him so quickly that he even lashed out towards the Empress. He thought of turning his back on the all because of how the betrayal stung him.

Then he marched on to face the dragon, the Empress at his side.

He stood mere feet from it. The Dragon decided it wanted to talk but Kain just mocked him. Trying to bait it into making some kind of mistake, to leave some kind of opening. He has many blessings up on , granted by his Queen and the Empress. Kain felt a warmth come about him. Maybe he had not fallen out of favor with his Queen.

The battle raged on. Kain matched the power of the dragon with a fury that would be told of for the ages. Over and over his sword crashed against the scales of the dragon. Both man and dragon were close to death and Kain feel to one knee. He looked up to see the Dragon actually stumble a bit. The opening he had waited for was there but Kain did not raise his weapon just as the Dragon had not taken that moment to deliver the final blow. There was an obvious shared respect between the two.

The Dragon talked of this respect while Kain just stayed on one knee. Watching, expecting to be struck down. Then the Dragon proposed that they exchanged the Cleric for the Lance. Let them both live to see another day. Another day that would lead to another battle between the two Kain was sure.
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PostSubject: Re: A Life for a Lance   

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A Life for a Lance
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