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 Biography of Cassandra Hawkwinter

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PostSubject: Biography of Cassandra Hawkwinter   Biography of Cassandra Hawkwinter Icon_minitimeSat Oct 22, 2011 2:39 am

Biography of Cassandra Hawkwinter Cassan11

Name: Cassiana Alexandria Nymaera Hawklyn du'Winter (Cassandra Hawkwinter)
Age: 25 (Born Luindai 22nd of Bran 345 AC)
Race: Human Ergot (Trace of Elven Ancestry)
Country of Origin: Capital City of Gwynned, Empire of Ergoth (Northern Ergoth)

Height: 5 ft. 7 in. Weight: 115 lbs.

Skin Tone: Fair Complexion with Dusky Highlights.
Eye Color: Blue Violet. Hair: Bright Red.

Unique features: Soft, Delicate, and Silky skin, Tattoos decorate her chest tracing her above and around her bosom, cover her biceps and her shins tracing along her wrists and her ankles. They are depicted as artistic runes and "tribal" fashion in dusky hues and shades. She wears fashionable jewelery and piercings, Three worn upon her ears ( one hoop in each lobe and two studs along the upper lining ) a single stud upon her left eyebrow and her left nostril. She wears several rings, four upon her right hand and two upon her left, she wears a navel piercing in the form of a studded jewel linked to a light chain in which attaches to her garments worn about her waist. She wears both light chain bracelets and ankle bracelets, each bearing a small emblem of the Red Moon. Each is composed of white gold, the studs are precious red stones. Her eyes are slightly almond shaped and she is never without a slight hint of cosmetics and light perfumes to highlight her natural beauty rather than enhance her comliness.

Cassandra is an exotic and sultry woman, her features are well defined and toned. She is shapely and voluptuous; possesing exceptional beauty, charm, and grace. She walks with a well defined arch and sway, always with her arms flowing and head held high wearing a sweet, alluring smile. Her expression is often cheerful and mischievious, her eyes gleaming with an intense curiosity. Most often seen wearing luxurious silks and velvets contoured and clinging to her natural curves, lace in which is kept diaphanous often flowing like excess water from a sieve; Prefers her garments trimmed and highlighted with embroidered gemstones and jewelery. Keeps her thick, rich hair just beyond shoulder length and in curls, often highlighting her locks with embroidered braids and decorative charms.

Cassandra is possesing of an immense sense of curiosity, wonder, and a highly sharpened mind and keen intellect. She is extremely willful and head strong, though she is not haughty or proud, although she may appear so. Always bright, cheerful, and extremely playful, she has a great sense of humor and a mischievious streak, even though many fail to see what she seems to find humorous. She can be, and is most often fickle, flighty, and very flirtatious. She attempts to see the contrast in the shaping of all things, finding the inherent beauty that is held within High Sorcery. She has an intense love of life and fiery passion for the "Magic" and thoroughly enjoys bringing that sensation unto others with the "gift". Cassandra has few inhibitions, and the few she does have she isn't aware of them or simply doesn't acknowledge them. She does as she pleases and what pleases her she rather fondly enjoys unto excess, though never at the expense of others. She is not one to judge biasly and is willing to accept nearly anyone as a friend and companion. However, she is not one to mince her words and will most willingly speak her mind, especially if she feels another has been wrongly accused or treated unjustly. She stands for the preservation of knowledge and those who seek it, defending them if she must if they are proven to have such potential. Regardless of the danger involved in potentially hostile situations, she is quite willing to place her life in jeopardy for the sake of Magic and the Orders of High Sorcery. Once she forges a friendship with another there nearly nothing she wouldn't do for their sake, as long as it doesn't conflict with her beliefs, ideas, or her convictions, especially her devotion to the "Magic"; nor would she take action if doing so would cause more harm than good in maintaining the "Balance".
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Biography of Cassandra Hawkwinter
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