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 Nuitari and Order of the Black Robes

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PostSubject: Nuitari and Order of the Black Robes   Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:19 pm

Nuitari (Intermediate Deity)
Devouring Dark
Home Plane: The Abyss
Symbol: Black Circle or Sphere
Color: Black
Celestial Symbol: The Black Moon
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Magic, Arcane Knowledge
Worshipers: Wizards of the Black Robes
Domains: None
Favored Weapon: Magic, Staff, Dagger
Preferred Vestments: Black satin cowl, black velvet cape
Serve magic and serve me. Magic is power; keep it secret and keep it safe.

Nuitari, also known as the Devouring Dark, Nightreaver, and Ungod, represents the power of magic used for evil. He patrons wizards who use magic for greed, revenge, hatred, and ambition. He uses the laws of High Sorcery, but only in an attempt to strengthen his own power. He was once representative of the godly force of ambition, but he leaves the Abyss and houses his essence in the black moon of Krynn. His focus now is the Black Robed wizards and watching them as they go through their lives. Nuitari is the son of Takhisis and Sargonnas. He houses his essence into the black moon when it becomes apparent to him that magic needs to be brought under control, to prevent it from falling into the hands of wild mages. Nuitari, for the most part, loathes his fellow Gods of Evil, and especially detests Takhisis for directing arcane power into the Gray Robed Knights of Takhisis. The only Gods Nuitari regularly interacts with are his cousins Solinari and Lunitari, whom he is especially close to. They are always seen together at meetings among the Gods and promotes alliegence to magic first over the forces of good and evil and law and chaos. His celestial symbol is the black moon, Nuitari.

God of Black Magic he has two forms he will assume while visiting Krynn: A man with jet black hair , dressed in black robes, or a wicked child. His color is Black and his love for magic is much stronger than his will to do evil. He spends most of his time studying spells to give to his priests and wizards.

Constantly working with the other Gods of Magic, his main goal is to increase the presence of magic, and will go to any means to make this possible. He does not lure mages to wear the black robes, but will encourage them . He will continue to work with the other Gods but secretly wishes for all magic on Krynn to be black magic.

Other names: Devouring Dark, Nightreaver (Mithas), Darkness (Elian), Black Hand (Balifor), Ungod (Thorbardin), Nuvis (Taladas).
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Nuitari and Order of the Black Robes
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