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 Lunitari and Order of the Red Robes

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Lunitari and Order of the Red Robes Empty
PostSubject: Lunitari and Order of the Red Robes   Lunitari and Order of the Red Robes Icon_minitimeSat Oct 08, 2011 4:18 pm

Lunitari (Intermediate Diety)
Veiled Maiden
Symbol: Red Circle or Sphere
Color: Red or magenta
Celestial Symbol: The red moon
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Magic, arcane knowledge
Worshipers: Wizards of the Red Robes
Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, N, NE, NG
Domains: None (Does not grant divine spells)
Favored Weapon: Magic, Staff or Dagger
Preferred Vestments: Red Robes

Devote yourself to magic. Enchance and expand the use of magic in the world. Work to maintain the balance between good and evil magic, and promote the use of neutral magic. Bring other worthy candidate to the study of the art.

Lunitari, also known as the Veiled Maiden, Maid of Illusion, and Night Candle, represents the power of magic used for neutrality. She supports wizards who use magic in the name of balance, freedom, and curiosity. She seeks to preserve the balance of good and evil in magic. She is once the power divine force of mystery, but she removes herself from the Hidden Vale and joins her cousins Solinari and Nuitari in order to give magic her closer attention. Her focus instead became the mystery of magic. She is said to come fully born from the thoughts of her father Gilean. She resides in and represents herself through the red moon of Krynn. She tells to her faithful the secrets and discoveries of magic. She is close to Reorx, who sometimes helps her in forging magical artifacts. She, along with Reorx, conspires to trap Chaos in the Graygem, which has led the other Gods of Neutrality to distrust her. She rarely interacts with the Gods of Good and Evil, except for her cousins Solinari and Nuitari, whom she is especially close to, almost always being with them at the meetings of the gods. Her celestial symbol is the red moon, Lunitari.
Founder of the Red robes, her main influence is the magic she has given to Krynn. Her color is Magenta, and usually takes the form red robed woman with red hair. She cloaks her form with that of any race she chooses. Her only weapon other than magic are ruby red darts that she will only use as a last resort.

She works closely with Solinari to restore magic to Krynn. Like the other Gods of Magic, she has chosen to be close to Krynn. Her heavenly symbol is the red moon, and is called "witching light".

Other names: Luin (Ergoth), Lutar (Ancient Plainsmen), Maid of Illusion (Mithas), Night Candle (Thorbardin), Red-Eye (Goodlund), Veiled Maiden, Lunis (Taladas).
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Lunitari and Order of the Red Robes
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