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 Solinari and Order of the White Robes

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PostSubject: Solinari and Order of the White Robes   Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:16 pm

Solinari (Intermediate Diety)
Mighty Hand
Symbol: White circle of sphere
Color: White or silver
Celestial Symbol: The white moon
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Magic, arcane knowledge
Worshipers: Wizards of the White Robes
Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, NG
Domains: None (Does not grant divine spells)
Favored Weapon: Magic, Staff, Dagger
Preferred Vestments: White robes, staff of wood with a golden dragon's claw.

Devote yourself to magic. Enchance and expand the use of magic in the world. Work to promote goodnes and good works. Use your magic for the benefit of all. Actively search out all manner of knowledge. Use what you learn to improve the world and the study of magic. Bring other worthy candidates to the study of the art. Guard magic against those who would

Solinari, also known as the Mighty Hand, the Ivory Disk, and God's Eye, represents the godly power of magic used for good. He patrons wizards who use their magic with the ideals of compassion, protection, and foresight. As one of the creators of the Laws of High Sorcery he upholds them vigorously. At one point he is the divine power of vigilance, but when he and his cousins in magic abandon the godly planes to be closer to the world he becomes less focused on the Progression of Souls. Solinari guides the souls of good wizards to the Beyond. At one point he dwells in the Dome of Creation but chooses to represent himself in the white moon of Krynn in order to watch over and protect magic. He promotes using magic for the good of all the world. He is friendly with Majere, Habbakuk, Branchala, and Mishakal. His relations with the other Gods is minimal, aside from the other Gods of Magic, Lunitari and Nuitari, whom he is especially close to and is also often seen with them among meetings of the gods. His celestial symbol is the silver moon, Solinari.

Founder of the White Robes, His influences include that of thought, numbers, and time. He hardly ever takes avatar form, because his moon is the closest to Krynn. If he does find the need great enough, he will appear in the form of a White Robed Wizard, and often gets lost in his ramblings of magic unknown to Krynn. His colors are Silver and White.

He loves Krynn above all and then magic. His goals are to work with Lunitari to strengthen the presence of magic on Krynn. He grants his magic for the sole purpose of defending Krynn, but he keep a ever-watching eye on it as well

Other names: Mighty Hand, God's Eye (Thorbardin), Ivory Disk (Hylo), Beacon (Mithas), Soli (Ancient Plainsmen), Solin (Ergoth), Solinu (Irda), White-Eye (Goodlund, Balifor), Solis (Taladas).

Age of Might
Solinari actively worked to prove to the other gods that magic on Krynn was not an abomination. He was one of the few Gods of Light that saw that the Kingpriest was upsetting the balancem and disaster would be coming.
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Solinari and Order of the White Robes
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