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 Temple of Morgion

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PostSubject: Temple of Morgion   Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:10 pm

Morgion (Intermediate Deity)
Black Wind
Home Plane: The Abyss
Symbol: A hood with two red eyes
Colors: Deep Brown and Black
Celestial Symbol: The Constellation "Diseased Hood"
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Disease, Planning, Suffering
Worshipers: Crazed Cultists
Domains: Destruction, Evil, Pestilence
Favored Weapon: Heavy Flail ("Disease Cloud")
Preferred Vestments: Loose fitting Gray robes with hood

Disease breeds fear. Fear is power. Spread disease and reap the terrible reward.

Morgion, also known as the Black Wind, Master of the Bronze Tower, and the Rat King, represents the godly force of decay. He urges souls to break down their complexities to attain their most basic form. He believes mortals should leave Krynn with nothing but what they came in with. Morgion is the god of diseases and of the ultimate decay of all things, from individuals to nations. Morgion succeeds in the suffering of Krynn. Morgion opposes things like a healthy, wholesome life or a quick, painless death. He believes that the strong survive, and to survive one must suffer. Morgion remains isolated from the other gods and tries to infect the world with plague and horror. He seeks to make Krynn endure as much pain as possible. He opposes Mishakal, Majere, and Habbakuk especially among the Gods of Good, all of whom oppose him. Chislev opposes him for seeking to degrade life, and Sirrion is against him because of Morgion's constant gloom. Shinare and Reorx oppose his goals as well. He interacts little with the other Gods of Evil, brooding in the Bronze Tower at the edge of the Abyss. His celestial symbol is the constellation Diseased Hood.
God of decay, disease, and plague, who hates all that is healthy. His colors are Dark Brown and Black. He has two favorite avatars: A thick black rolling cloud with red glowing eyes, and a priestess, or executioner that wears a black hood. he will only talk in a low whisper.
Morgion work in complete secrecy and has never worked with any other God. He constantly strives to sabotage Mashakal's healing arts, His worshiper meet in secret and those outside are unaware of their agendas.

Other names: Black Wind, H'Rar (Ergoth, Istar), Gormion (Tarsis), Morgi (Icewall), Morgax the Rustlord (Thorbardin), Pestilence (Mithas), Anthrax Goatlord (Hobgoblins), Lord of the Bronze Tower, Master of the Bronze Tower, Ussk (Hurdu).
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Temple of Morgion
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