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 Temple of Zivilyn

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PostSubject: Temple of Zivilyn   Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:04 pm

Zivilyn (Intermediate Diety)
Tree of Life
Symbol: A great green and gold tree
Colors: Green and gold
Celestial Symbol: The planet Zivilyn
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Wisdom, foresight, prophecy
Worshipers: Philosphers, mediators
Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, C, NE, NG
Domains: Insight*, Knowledge, Mediation*
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff ("Enlightenment Cane,")
Preferred Vestments: Simple moss-green robe, no hood, gold medallion of faith

Wisdom is timeless. Act after you have studies all courses of action. Be mindful of your place in the universe. Be free of materiel influence. Seek understanding, not facts, for knowledge is fallible whereas wisdom is not. Choose no side in war or conflict. Be an advisor to those who seek peace. All wisdom comes from within and move without. Widsom cannot be learned or borrowed and knows only balance. Time and space are all one in balance. Be at peace with nature, for it is the cradle of wisdom, and be at peace with yourself, for you are the vessel of wisdom.

Zivilyn, also known as the World Tree, Wise One, and the Tree of Life, represents the godly force of wisdom. He encourages the soul to grow by achieving enlightenment and wisdom. Zivilyn's influence extends to all realms and to all times. He promotes understanding and spiritual awareness. Zivilyn gives counsel to Gilean, bringing wisdom to Chislev as well. Zivilyn, despite his extensive knowledge of all times and places of Krynn, cannot foresee Takhisis stealing the world away during the War of Souls. Zivilyn is respected by all Gods, and never chooses sides in a fight or disagreement. He is closest to Gilean and is the partner of Chislev, and has much in common with Majere and Hiddukel because of their understandings of the power of wisdom and awareness, respectively. Zivilyn does not allow the forces of compassion or corruption to influence him. His celestial symbol is the planet Zivilyn.
Guarding the Krynn's knowledge, he influences wisdom. Bearing the colors of Green and Gold, he can take many avatar forms. His most common form is that of an old balding bearded man. Any that gaze into his eyes will learn their future and death. His only weapon is a wooden staff that will obey any command it is given.
He is called the Tree of Life, because his roots and branches extends to all times. Wisdom and Knowledge go hand in hand, and so he works closely with Gilean. He is consort and companion to Chislev.

Other names: Tree of Life, Wise One (Mithas), World Tree.
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Temple of Zivilyn
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