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 Temple of Mishakal

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PostSubject: Temple of Mishakal   Sat Oct 08, 2011 3:55 pm

The Light Bringer, the Healing Hand, the Blue Lady
Greater Deity
Symbol: Infinity symbol
Celestial Symbol: The constellation Infinity
Home Plane: Dome of Creation
Alignment: Neutral good
Portfolio: Healing, mercy, the home, compassion
Worshipers: Healers, midwives, herbalists, ambassadors
Cleric Alignments: CG, LG, NG.
Domains: Community, Good, Healing, Liberation, Protection, Sun
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff (“Merciful Strike”)
Colors: Sky blue

Restoration is the divine power represented by the goddess Mishakal (mish-uh-kul). She embraces the soul’s desire to be whole and grow, to learn from its mistakes, to spread generative energies among others. She is the patron of healing, motherhood, and the bringing back of what was lost. Moreso than any other, Mishakal is the goddess of making things right in the world and ridding it of its ills with compassion and love. Her caring nature is sometimes at odds with the warlike conditions her faithful find themselves drawn
to, and the breadth of her worship in periods of greatest despair is indicative of the deep-seated need among the mortals of Krynn to improve their lot in life and recover. It is no surprise that she was the first of the Gods of Light to pierce the dark during the War of the Lance, and she continues to be that beacon of hope
in the Age of Mortals.

History/Relationships: Mishakal is grandmother, mother, and wife to the world. Timeless and eternal, her compassion and ability to protect, heal, and nurture the souls of Krynn are an ever-present balm. Even in the Age of Despair, when her faith was unknown to the populace, her ideals of caring remained.

Goldmoon’s emergence from the Plains of Abanasinia with the Blue Crystal Staff brought her power and presence back to the ailing heart of the world. In the years following the Chaos War, it was the teachings of Mishakal, embraced by her faithful, which gave structure to the newfound magic of mysticism. Her role inthe years after the War of Souls is, out of necessity, more forceful and even more militant, but this untested aspect of her power has not supplanted her ongoing patronage of healers, midwives, and peacemakers.

Mishakal is loved and acknowledged by all of the Gods of Good, including her children Habbakuk and Kiri-Jolith, their companion Branchala, and her husband Paladine. Mishakal’s sorrow at the sacrifice of her beloved has only deepened her resolve and strengthened the bond between her allies in the Light. Even theGods of Balance hold Mishakal in esteem, for she sees beyond political and moral intrigues and barriers to bring healing to the world. This selfsame commitment to restoration sets Mishakal in opposition to all ofthe Gods of Evil, however. Chemosh perverts life, Morgion corrupts it, Hiddukel misleads it, Sargonnas destroys it, and Zeboim drowns it in her tempestuous seas. But it is perhaps Takhisis who Mishakal was most aligned against, and the struggle between Goldmoon and Verminaard was but a single example of thecosmic conflict between the two goddesses.

Mishakal’s Aspects: Mishakal’s most commonly manifested aspect is one of a breathtakingly beautifulwoman in sky blue robes, radiating an aura of peace and well being. This is usually an aspect of Good or Healing. Her aspect of Community is a more matronly or grandmotherly woman in a faded blue smock,while her aspect of Liberation is a blue-eyed child with silver-blond hair. In her Protection aspect, which is becoming more prominent in the Age of Mortals, Mishakal takes the form of a female knight or warrior in gleaming silver-blue plate mail, bearing a shield and warhammer.
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Temple of Mishakal
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