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 Temple of Kiri-Jolith

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PostSubject: Temple of Kiri-Jolith   Sat Oct 08, 2011 3:53 pm

Kiri-Jolith (Intermediate Diety)
Sword of Justice
Symbol: A bison's horn, also horned battle axe (Thorbardin, Kharolis)
Colors: Brown and White
Celestial Symbol: The constellion Bison's Head
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: War, courage, honor
Worshipers: Fighters, Knights of the Sword
Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, NG
Domains: Good, Strength, War, Law
Favored Weapon: Longsword ("Sacred Defender")
Preffered Vestments: Gold scale armor with brown surcoat, copper medallion of faith

Good is its own reward. Honor and courage are life. Cowardice is reviled. Fight if the cause is just; never retreat while evil opponents remain on the battlefield

Kiri-Jolith, also known as the Sword of Justice and the Bison of Heaven, represents the godly power of unity. He encourages the soul to grow as a part of the whole in order to benefit from the strength of brotherhood. He patrons soldiers and warriors who fight in order to defeat evil. He promotes courage and justice, and is the spirit of honorable battle. He is not a warlike god, however, but supports war when it is necessary to maintain integrity. He promotes strength of spirit in times of peace. He is the courageous spirit of bonds among mortals. He is the patron of the Knights of Solamnia, and his warrior priests lead the fights against evil armies and advise rulers. Kiri Jolith is close with most of the Gods of Good, particularly Paladine and Habbakuk. He has the least in common with Branchala. He is the second most-worshipped god by the minotaurs, who also call him "Emperor". He is closest to Reorx and Shinare among the Gods of Neutrality, and is in opposition with Sargonnas, his opposite in war, who has a more violent approach to battle. He is also against Hiddukel because of his lies and deceit. His celestial symbol is the constellation Bison's Head.
Son of Paladine, and twin brother to Habbakuk, he influences heroism, courage, battle and war. His colors are Brown and White. He also directly overlooks those that are Knights of the Sword.
More aggressive than his father, he tends to see things a bit different. His ambitions are to bring battle to all that are evil, and stomp out the constant threat. His Ideals and practice are to punish those that have wronged and to try to protect the innocent that are ever caught in the struggle between Good and Evil.

Other Information
Other names: Amman-Duke (Irda), Bison of Heaven, Emperor, Sword of Justice, Qu'an the Warrior (Uigan), Carnid (Istaran Church), Ever-Watcher (Falthana), Fan-ka-tso (Falthana), The Horned One (Istaran Church).
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Temple of Kiri-Jolith
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