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 Clerical Domains

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PostSubject: Clerical Domains   Clerical Domains Icon_minitimeThu Aug 05, 2010 7:31 pm

Gods of Darkness:

Chemosh - Death, Evil, Trickery
Hiddukel - Evil, Trickery
Morgion - Destruction, Evil
Sargonnas - Evil, Fire, War
Takhisis - Destruction, Evil, Trickery
Zeboim - Air, Evil, Water

Gods of Light:

Branchalla - Good, Trickery
Habbakuk - Animal, Good, Water
Kiri Jolith - Good, Strength, War
Majere - Good
Mishakal - Good, Healing, Protection
Paladine - Good, Protection, Sun

Gods of Twilight:

Chislev - Air, Animal, Earth, Plant
Gilean - Knowledge, Protection
Reorx - Earth, Fire
Shinare - Travel
Sirrion - Fire
Zivilyn - Knowledge

No cleric is restricted to these domains alone. Only one of the above must be chosen for that deity. Please when creating the cleric do not choose another domain that is directly opposed or makes no sense for that diety. Best advice is to speak with an admin prior to creating a cleric.
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Clerical Domains
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