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 Aghar Dwarves

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PostSubject: Aghar Dwarves   Thu Aug 05, 2010 7:16 pm

Aghar Dwarf


The Aghar, or Gully Dwarves, are considered by many to be the most repulsive of races on Krynn. Gully dwarves are the diminutive cousins of true dwarves, though they still have a seat on the Council of Thanes in Thorbardin. Their leader, the Highbulp, is the Aghar who is most accomplished at groveling his way out of any given situation.
The Aghar were also one of the original dwarven clans living in Kal-Thax. Although they can be found living in clans all over Ansalon their history is often lost on the outside world. The Aghar were often considered to be comic relief to much of the other dwarven clans.

The Aghar have been led by a variety of people. Their earliest known Highbulp was Faze I who led the Aghar at the time of the creation of Thorbardin. Not much is known from the time of the first Highbulp but there are a few notable instances of Aghar bravery.

During the Dwarfgate War the Highgug led a group of gully dwarves in the defense of Pax Tharkas. When many could have ran they stood their ground and were defeated by the Neidar army. Another instance is the Aghar Regal Everwise who led Tarn back to Hybardin.

Aghar communities are quite small. Most clans live in abandoned villages or in the wilderness in old mines or caves. Others live in slums, refuse dumps, or the sewer systems of large cities. When several clans live together, the strongest and cleverest becomes the local king, whose title is produced by adding the prefix "High" to his clan name. Each successive king often calls himself "the first" owing to the Agar's inability to count.

Gully dwarves believe magical items are useless because other races put their magic into them. To gully dwarves, the most powerful items are those that do nothing at all. Objects such as old bones, rotten fruit, fur balls, and bent sticks are treasured and venerated. The clan's shaman keeps these "holy relics" and administers their use.

Terrified of any threat, Gully Dwarves are exceptionally hardheaded and stupid, but when driven into a corner can fight with a surprising ferocity using their only weapons-tooth and nail.

Other races avoid Aghar, but they are occasionally hired to perform menial tasks. Gnomes occasionally hire them as assassins and spies, even though gully dwarves aren't particularly adept at these jobs. Gully dwarves eat anything; many gully dwarves keep a pot of stew boiling constantly, throwing anything dead or nearly dead into the pot.
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Aghar Dwarves
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