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 Hylar Dwarves

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PostSubject: Hylar Dwarves   Thu Aug 05, 2010 7:14 pm

Hylar Dwarf


The Hylar are generally considered to be the most noble and leaders of the mountain Dwarves. This clan serves as the ruling clan for the dwarves in which the High King comes from. The Hylar are descended from the Calnar who traveled to Kal-Thax and united the dwarven clans there. The first governing body was the council of Thanes created by Colin Stonetooth as the head of it. Colin was succeeded by his daughter's (Tera Sharn) husband, Willen Ironmaul. Willen would have a child with Tera whom they named Damon Omenborn, which meant father of kings. Damon was born at the conclusion of the war against the wizards.

At first the mountain dwarves had no High King but instead were governed by a council of Thanes. After the war with the Empire of Ergoth was concluded the dwarves selected Derkin Lawgiver as the first High King. Centuries passed until the dwarves experienced one of the most terrible traumas in their history. When the gods cast the mountain onto Istar the dwarves were forced to make a terrible decision. King Duncan seeing that the food stores in Thorbardin could not support both his people and the Neidar ordered the gates closed. This caused a the Dwarfgate War in which the Neidar believed that their cousins and trapped them outside to leave them to die. The truth of the matter was that King Duncan was forced to make a decision and decided that the Neidar would have a better chance at surviving outside. His only alternative was to take all the dwarves inside the mountain and be unable to feed them. King Duncan defeated the Neidar army that was backed with knights and plainsmen and led by the mage Fistandalaus. Following the war King Duncan passed away and no clear successor had been named.

The position of high king remained vacant after the death of King Duncan. To help find a new high king the dwarven hero Kharas (who was grieving over the Dwarfgate wars) hid the Hammer of Kharas claiming that no new High King would be crowned until the hammer was found. The Hammer remained hidden for many years until it was found by Thane Glade Hornfel Kytil.

Hylar live in fabulous underground cities beneath immense mountain ranges. The most famous of all dwarven kingdoms is Thorbardin, a 300 square mile area in the Kharolis Mountains. Mountain dwarves have little interest in the affairs of other races. In fact, most mountain dwarves have never seen a non-dwarf. They are not interested in helping others unless they can be shown that the matter affects them directly. Two other dwarven races are closely associated with the Hylar and often live in the same cities. The Daewar, who are respected fighters, deter to the Hylar's leadership. The Klar are hill dwarves who serve the wealthy Hylar in menial roles.

Mountain dwarf leaders are called thanes. Each thane represents his clan on the Council of Thanes, an organization founded for the purpose of settling disputes and promoting common interests. Seats on the Council are held by representatives of the Hylar, Theiwar, Daewar, Daergar, Neidar, Klar, and Aghar. The dwarves venerate their dead and consider the Kingdom of the Dead to be represented on the council. The High King is chosen by acclamation of the Council and must be ordained by the citizens. Most of the great dwarven kings have been Hylar.

Tension persists between the Hylar and the other dwarven races. They have reasonably good relations with the Qualinesti Elves. Hylar enjoy roasted meats, boiled vegetables, and strong beer. They rarely trade with other races.
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Hylar Dwarves
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