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 Silvanesti Elves

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Silvanesti Elves are a branch of elves that are considered the first civilized elves to live on Ansalon. They are descended from the Elderwild Elves (who would later call themselves the Kagonesti and are those elves who chose to live in cities during the Age of Dreams rather than remain in the forests. Silvanesti elves are known to be haughty and proud, considering themselves better than any other race, as well as considering themselves superior over any other type of elf. The Silvanesti elves are ruled by the Speaker of the Stars who is traditionally a member of House Royal.

The proud elves built their nation of Silvanesti in the forests in the southeast portion of Ansalon, where they erected large beautiful cities and towns. As time progressed, the elves became more isolationists until they almost never dealt with outsiders at all, and certainly did not openly trust humans, dwarves or some other elves. A large part of the Silvanesti mindset has been the concept of racial purity, and keeping the Silvanesti bloodlines pure. Because of this, Silvanesti try to avoid contact with other races where possible. For over 3000 years, the Silvanesti way of life barely changed.

A normal Silvanesti elf stands at five feet tall and weighs approximately ninety to a hundred pounds. They are a fair-skinned race, who have hair color that ranges from light brown to white blonde, and hazel eyes. Silvanesti possess an almost supernatural beauty and are considered the most graceful and lovely of the elves. Most Silvanesti elves never possess facial or body hair, although ancient male elves of 500 years and older have been known to grow wispy beards from time to time. The high elves normally wear flowing garments that are green or brown in coloring.

Silvanesti elves are able to see rather well in the dark, bearing elvensight, which enables them to see twice as far in the dark as humans. The Silvanesti normally only worship the gods of light, although some of them do pay homage to a couple of the neutral deities that are focused around nature, such as Chislev and Zivilyn. As the first children of the gods of light, the Silvanesti elves have a natural hatred of the ogres, who were the first children of the gods of darkness, and will normally attack any ogres on sight. The elves are also intolerant of the followers of darkness in general, and if they learn of Silvanesti elves who follow the dark gods, they will be put through a Ceremony of Darkness and exiled from their people based on the verdict of the ceremony.

In their former nation, the Silvanesti lived within a strict caste system. This system was operated through a series of Houses, in which each House was given a set of specific tasks, which they carried out. House Royal, House Mystic and many others followed a number of actions to ensure that the Silvanesti elves lived in a well-structured and productive environment, in which each elf knew their place in society.

The average Silvanesti child is allowed to do certain chores/tasks depending on what House they are in. On reaching forty years of age, an elf is no longer considered a child and is an adolescent. By this time, the elf will have grown to almost their full height and will have developed the slender build that is typical of the Silvanesti people. At sixty years old, a Silvanesti adolescent has the Ceremony of Starlight, in which they dream of who they will marry and the form in which their Starjewel should take. By the age of eighty, a Silvanesti elf is considered an adult, and is formally given the tasks of an adult within their relevant House. Most Silvanesti live to around 550 years old, although there have been some notable exceptions throughout history that have far surpassed this lifespan, such as Silvanos.
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Silvanesti Elves
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