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 Dimernesti Elves

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Dimernesti Elves are one of the two primary types of sea elves that are also known as the shoal elves. Like their cousins the Dargonesti, they originally hail from the land elves, but were altered by the Graygem and leapt into the depths of the seas in the early ages of Krynn. The Dimernesti are known to be a proud folk and are led by the Speaker of the Sea, who is a position held by the ruling matriarch of the Windspeaker clan, long considered the royal line of the people.

When first entering the sea, the shoal elves founded the great city of Dimernost, and then built a number of smaller settlements around their new capital, titling their kingdom as Dimernesti. The elves then turned to the development of other coastal areas, and built great cities along the coastlines of Ansalon in particular. The Cataclysm resulted in great change for all of Ansalon, and the Dimernesti were not spared. Great tidal waves and undersea earthquakes destroyed all the coastal settlements of the Dimernesti, and the sole surviving city was their capital of Dimernost. With the exception of the residents of Dimernost, the Dimernesti elves became a nomadic people, living in small family groups that moved from coral reef to kelp bed.

Following the Cataclysm, the Dimernesti became bitter towards the Dargonesti, believing that their sea-elf cousins should have been punished just as much as they were. When the Dargonesti offered their aid to the shoal elves in rebuilding their settlements, the proud Dimernesti refused and turned their backs on their cousins.

The average male Dimernesti elf stands at six and a half feet tall, whilst females normally stand at six feet in height. Considerably taller than their elven cousins on land, they are slightly bulkier than their land cousins, however they are still more agile and slender than the typical human. Dimernesti possess light-blue skin and have long hands and feet that are webbed. Whilst they can easily breathe air, they also have small slitted gills below each ear, which allows them to easily breathe underwater as well. Dimernesti have silver hair and on average can live to about 500 years of age. Underwater, the Dimernesti sometimes clothe themselves with seaweed or with clothing made from plants, but otherwise wear very little. On land, they are usually covered in cloaks or robes to hide their blue skin.

Dimernesti elves possess the traditional elven sight that all members of their race have, allowing them to see twice as far in the dark as humans. Sea elves also possess seasense, which allows them to sense differences in the water, alerting them to pollutants, changes in pressure or depth. The shoal elves also have the gift of being able to polymorph themselves into a sea otter up to three times a day, a form that they can maintain indefinitely.

Sea elves are a deeply religious folk, although following the Cataclysm, many Dimernesti elves turned their backs on the gods. Throughout history, the Dimernesti have chiefly worshipped Abbuku the Fisher (known to others as Habbakuk). They also are known to worship Kisla the Mother of the Sea (Chislev), as well as a few others to a minor degree.
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Dimernesti Elves
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