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 Qualinesti Elves

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Qualinesti Elves are a branch of elves that live in the southwestern part of Ansalon to the south of Abanasinia and are ruled by the Speaker of the Sun who is a blood descendant of their founder Kith-Kanan. The Qualinesti were originally formed when the Silvanesti prince Kith-Kanan led his followers out of the nation of Silvanesti and formed his own nation to the west. From the beginning of their kingdom being founded in the Age of Dreams, the Qualinesti were far more open and easy-going than their cousins, working and living alongside Humans, Dwarves, and other races. Because of this, the Qualinesti have the most interaction with the other races and there are many adventurers and explorers from amongst their number. Their nation is comprised of one major city Qualinost and a series of large towns and settlements in the forested realm.

Whilst the Qualinesti people are ruled by the Speaker of the Sun, they are in fact governed by the Thalas-Enthia, which is the senate whose members are the leaders of the powerful guilds and communities within Qualinesti society. The Thalas-Enthia govern Qualinesti and how it should be run, however the Speaker has the power to overturn any decision to ensure his people are ruled wisely and properly.

The average Qualinesti elf stands just less than five feet tall and is of a slender build. These elves bear tanned skin and have hair that ranges from honey-brown to blond in color. Qualinesti have either blue or brown eyes, and are extremely open and friendly in their manner towards others. Like their cousins, Qualinesti normally dress themselves in clothes of earthen hues, and their clothes are normally fashionable as well as functional. The Qualinesti people are not as amazingly beautiful as their pale-skinned cousins, however they are still lovely in comparison to humans. The average elf reaches adulthood at eighty years old, and the normal lifespan for a Qualinesti elf is between 550-700 years old.

Qualinesti elves bear the elvensight of their race, which allows them to see extremely well in the dark, and also are much more diplomatic than other elves, given their exposure to the other races of Krynn. The Qualinesti worship the gods of light, as well as the nature god Chislev. They do not venerate the gods of darkness at all, and any elf caught worshipping an evil god is exiled and considered a dark elf by every other Qualinesti elf.
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Qualinesti Elves
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