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 Measure of Knighthood

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PostSubject: Measure of Knighthood   Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:56 pm

Measure of the Crown

The Order of the Crown exemplifies the ideas of Loyalty and Obediance in all that a Knight is and all that a Knight does. Loyalty requires unquestioned obediance to a higher power and authority, as long as that power and authority follows and adheres to the precept set forth in the Oath and Measure.

Loyalty is due to one's family, all that is good, those oppressed by evil, and those monarchs by who by decree and common consent of the Knightly Councils are in good standing with the Knighthood and deserving of its honorable loyalty and protection.

Acts befitting a Knight of the Crown include
- Unquestioned obediance to those whose authority is righteously maintained in the Knightly Councils, Dedication to the ideas of the Measure, Loyalty to brother and sister knights of all orders, All other acts that cause the strengthening of loyalty among the knighthood.

Resposibilities of the Crown Knight
- A Knight of the Crown must serve any fellow knight who is on the business of his or her order who requires assistance, and serve the kingdoms and nations on the List of Loyalty as compiled by the Grand Circle of Knights. Failure to fullfill these duties may cause the honor of the knight to be questioned, and may cause their knighthood to be stripped fom them.

Measure of the Sword

Knights of the Sword act as warriors for the Holy Triumvirate and the Pantheon of Good and of Light. They uphold the purest ideas of courage and heroism.

Heroism is the willingness to sacrifice one's self for one's beliefs.

Heroic deeds include
- Strengthening the weak, Enriching the poor, Freeing the enslaved, Exonerating the falsely accused, Championing the defenseless, and aiding those in need.

Courage is the readiness is the willingness to die for the greatest cause of good.

Courageous acts include
- Faceing evil fearlessly, Defending the honor of the Knighthood, Defending the honor of a fellow Knight, Protecting the defensless and weak.

Responsibilities of a Sword Knight
- A Knight of the Sword must pay homage to the Holy Triumvirate and the gods of good each day, eagerly engage evil opponents (never retreating regardless of the enemy strength), Protect the weak and defenseless, and foreswear the use of knightly and priestly powers for unrighteous reasons.

Measure of the Rose

The Order of the Rose embraces honor guided by justice and wisdom. Honor is the allegiance to one's oath to dfend the cause of good. Justice is the heart of the Measure and the soul of a Rose Knight. Justice requires that the Rose Knight to everyone, creature, person or deity his or her due.

Acts befitting a Rose Knight include
- Having compassion for the less fortunate, Sacrificing one's own life for the sake of others, Giving no thought to one's own safety in defense of the knighthood, Protecting the lives of fellow knights, Seeing that no life is wasted or sacrificed in vain.

Responsibilities of a Rose Knight
- A Knight of the Rose is expected to honor the gods Good at all times and in all acts, to fight for justice without regard to personal safety or comfort, to refuse to submit to any evil foe, and to sacrifice all in the name of honor and righteousness.
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Measure of Knighthood
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