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 Knighthood Guild Requirements

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PostSubject: Knighthood Guild Requirements   Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:54 pm

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“My Honor is my Life.” These men and women are 'exemplary' images of what good should aspire to be. Noble of heart and deed, word and soul.. those who aspire to be Solamnic Knights are held to higher standards than all others who seek the light. They do not lie, cheat, steal.. they do not use cowardly tactics for these are dishonorable acts of lesser men.

The Knights of Solamnia are rich in storied tradition. A character that wishes to be a knight, must seek out a knight to be squired to. All knights must be Lawful Good alignment, and will be expected to conduct themselves as a knight. Acting outside the ethos of a knight is grounds for losing knighthood, and being made to re-level the character to another class.

The character becomes a Knight aspirant if taken as a squire and is subject to follow all orders given by his Knight sponsor. Through extensive Roleplay, the character may be accepted into the ranks of the Knights, and shall progress according to their beliefs and conduct as a knight. Level guidelines are not set in stone, and a character may come to the guild at any time.

The knights of Solamnia have certain racial guidelines that they follow, and will not allow certain races to even squire for knighthood; regardless of the characters abilities or loyalty.

Race / Class / Other Restrictions

Human / Half Elf

Fighter / Cleric / Paladin / Weapon Master / Champion of Torm / Purple Dragon Knight
Specific requirements for each division of the KOS to be added

Lawful Good Only

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Knighthood Guild Requirements
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