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 Army Guild Requirements

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PostSubject: Army Guild Requirements   Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:53 pm

In order to be in this guild you must be the following-

Lawful Good or Neutral Good strongly recommended, Chaotic alignments are not preferable due to the strong organization and structure of the armed forces.

Human, Half-Elven, Dwarven (Garnet Dwarves) races are preferable though occasionally an exception can be made.

This guild is not recommended for Barbarians, Druids, Arcane Casters (Sor/Wiz).

Bards and Rogues are not prefered unless they are multi classed with a desirable core class and must be secondary classes.

This guild is under the authority and leadership of the Knighthood and so the character choices made should take this into consideration before thinking of joining the guild. More will be posted as needed.
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Army Guild Requirements
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