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 The Test of High Sorcery

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The Test of High Sorcery Empty
PostSubject: The Test of High Sorcery   The Test of High Sorcery Icon_minitimeThu Aug 05, 2010 6:46 pm

The Test of High Sorcery will be seperated into at least three segments.

First, the Acolyte Wizard will have to make the journey to Wayreth Tower. Findng the tower and overcoming any obstacles or deterents will be pretty much a standard. (This will vary from Magi to Magi being dependant on the character's background/history, ethos, ability and so on)

Second, the Acolyte Wizard will have to know and understand the Laws, the Foundations, the Eight Schools of Magic, and the basics of each order regardless of what aspirations the character has.

Third, the Acolyte Wizard will commence with the true Test of High Sorcery and succeed (In which does not always mean he/she must emerge victorious) Each of these are created for the testing Acolyte as to be unique and individual (This is where a good background/history and Rolplay/Story for the character will be needed so that the staff and Members overseeing the Test can set up and perform the Test)

Acolytes are permitted: clothing, staff and a dagger, and the spells they hold in mind to be brought into the test.. All other things shall be left behind until completion or failing of the test. Be certain to follow these new rules, and do not attempt to hide any illegal items during the test. It will cause an immediate failure of the test, as well as an immediate expulsion from the school for dishonesty and cheating.
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The Test of High Sorcery
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