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 Build Considerations

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PostSubject: Build Considerations   Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:06 pm

For Specific Guilds and their Build rules, please see this Post for more information.

Special Considerations

They will be able to join the Tower of High Sorcery, same as Wizards. They will be subject to the same IC and OOC regulations.

Harper Scout
Harpers do not exist in Dragonlance Setting. Please RP this as something else if taken.

Purple Dragon Knight
Purple Dragon Knights do not exist in Dragonlance Setting. Please RP this as something else if taken.

Red Dragon Disciple
1. No DM needed. Take RDD levels and remove the wings via crafting. The character remains, for RP, the base race and is not considerered draconic.

2. Talk to ADM about Dragons in the setting. The player shall give the character a draconic like appearance and RP the character as a half dragon.

Dragon Shape
Please note the ability will NOT be grounds for playing a draconic character nor will the shape grant the same abilities as the templates used for dragons on the server.

If there are any questions or comments or suggestions, please direct them to a PM to a member of the DM staff
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Build Considerations
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